2021-2022 Online Instructional Guide

 Online Instruction will ONLY be utilized in the event of a sudden school closure.

Unexpected School Closures 

In the event that schools are closed unexpectedly, all students will be provided with online learning.

From the Superintendent

The 2020-2021 school year was a year like no other and I sincerely believe that our district stood above the others in regards to the instructional program we provided to our students. An incredible academic in person summer school, as well as numerous enrichment opportunities followed this.

It is our hope that COVID – 19 will not force us to go backwards and once again have to provide online instruction. Although the State Education Department will not require school districts to offer an all-remote option for students in 2021-22, it has stressed that districts must be prepared to offer the option should a public health emergency force schools to close again. This document is based off the work done last summer with teachers and administrators. In addition, it takes into account the feedback provided to us by parents, students and teachers. This document will provide guidelines as to if schools are closed unexpectedly.

COVID-19 continues to bring a myriad of challenges to all school districts throughout the country. There is a possibility that changes to our instructional program will need to occur throughout the year. I am confident that the Valley Central School District administrators, teachers, and families
will work together collaboratively to do all we can to meet the needs of all students at all levels, during this difficult time, regardless of what may happen. We are Viking Proud and Viking Strong.

  • All students will be provided with a district Chromebook.
  • Unless otherwise mandated by the State, all teachers and staff will work from the buildings. Teachers will establish a Google Classroom for online learning. All live instruction will be  conducted through Google Meets and all instructions and digital learning material will be  posted to the Google Classroom.
  • Online learning will be done virtually through live Google Meets, utilizing full group and  small group instruction. It will take place throughout the duration of a normal school day,  following the block scheduling of a typical elementary school day and the nine period  schedules of the middle school and high school. This instruction will start with live  instruction from the classroom teacher. Students will not be looking at a screen all day, as  some activities that take place during these classes will include methods other than the use  of the Chromebook. However, teachers will be logged into the Google classrooms and  available to the students to answer questions, provide feedback, etc. during these online  classes. This applies to special areas, AIS and student support.
  • All instruction will be standards-based and will include high quality rigorous instructional  opportunities and experiences
  • Students will be expected to log in at scheduled times and attendance will be taken. Although we cannot mandate it, students will be encouraged to turn their cameras on. If  they do not turn their camera on, teachers need to check in with random students  periodically to see if they are there. 
  • The District has created a list of approved programs and applications. In order to comply  with State and Federal privacy regulations, teachers must not use technology that includes  any student data (including login information) that has not been approved by the District. 
  • Teacher/Parent communication is key.
  • Teachers must use Class Link. 

Guidelines for Google Meet 

Recording. Google Meet can be recorded and may be posted to the Google Classroom once  recorded. 

One-on-One. It is permissible to have one-on-one Google Meet with students; however, it is  recommended that teachers record these Meet. These recordings are not to post, but to protect  from any liability. 

Environment. Be sure Google Meet and video instruction are hosted or recorded in a location  appropriate to teaching students. Google Meet should be conducted from a designated workspace or your physical classroom. Be aware of what is in the background of your video.

Response Times 

Teachers are expected to respond as noted below (during the contractual day). Student Inquiry – As soon as possible or within 2 hours 

Parent Inquiry – Within 24 hours (for learning questions) 

Video Instruction Clarification 

Video Instruction – A Valley Central (VC) teacher or consultant providing direct instruction via  video. The video may be a recording of a mini lesson, narrated screencastify, narrated slide show, etc.  New instruction is consistent with in-class learning mini-lessons. Video instruction must include  teaching points. Video instruction cannot be just reading a text or passage. VC video instruction can be  supplemented by other learning videos that align with the curriculum. 


In order to respond to the unique teaching and learning needs during the pandemic, students will be  expected to participate online learning opportunities if there is a school closure This document will  outline student expectations for remote and online learning. 

I.Participation. Although online learning does not take place in a typical classroom, students are  still expected to engage in learning activities during the typical school day using Google  Classroom, Meet and other technology as follows. 

  1. Students should be engaged in learning activities during normal school hours. Students  are encouraged to keep their cameras on and attend all Google Meets. 
  2. Students should participate in live Google Meets. It is strongly recommended that  students participate in the live Meet to gain the maximum benefit from teacher  instruction and engagement. However, whenever feasible, recorded lessons will be  provided. 
  3. Students should watch all instructional videos and review all instructional material. 
  4. Students must complete all assignments by the given due dates. Assignments will be  graded.  
  5. Students must communicate with teachers via email, Google Classroom, Hangouts, etc.  when they have a question. 
  6. Student/parents must review feedback provided by teachers.  
  7. Students/parents must let teachers know of any technological issues as soon as possible. 
  8. Students must keep their online work organized and accessible so it can be reviewed  during in person instruction, when necessary.  

II. Google Classroom and Meet Etiquette. Valley Central teachers will instruct students, assign  lessons, and provide learning materials through the Google Classroom and Google Meet.  Teachers will provide schedules for all Google Meets in advance (including start and end  times). Students will be expected to attend all live instruction through Google Meets and will  access all assignments and digital learning materials in their Google Classroom. The following  details Google Classroom and Meet etiquette. 

  1. Come into the Google Meet, mute your microphone and turn your camera on.  Microphones can be unmuted when directed by the teacher. 
  2. Remain logged on for the duration of the call.
  3. Chat (in Google Meet) and comments (in Google Classroom) should be used for class  related communication only.
  4. Have learning materials including pen or pencil, paper, assignments, and whatever else  is needed for the lesson readily available.
  5. Join in an appropriate learning environment. For example, sitting at a table or in a quiet  space if possible. An example of an inappropriate learning environment is curled up in  bed, etc.
  6. Wear school appropriate attire.
  7. Come ready to learn.

III. Grading
Grades will be applied in the online, remote and classroom environments. Students  will be graded based on the normal Valley Central School District report card expectations.  

IV. Technology
Valley Central will provide Chromebooks for all Valley Central students.  Additionally, if families have additional technology needs (internet), they should contact their  school immediately. We recommend using school-issued Chromebooks or to maximize the  functionality of the learning environment. 

V. Passwords
Students must only use their assigned login credentials to access technology or  school-related programs, applications, or web-sites.

VI. Communication
Parents should communicate with teachers about concerns with the learning,  learning environment, or situations that may impact learning outcomes as soon as they arise.  Parents and caregivers should not communicate through the Google Classroom, but should  reach out via the teacher’s email or the teacher’s chosen communication method (for example,  Class Dojo). 

VII. Privacy Protections
Video instruction, assignments, and other material posted in Google  Classroom is intended for Valley Central student learning. These videos, assignments and other  materials belong to the Valley Central School District and should not be shared, posted, or  otherwise used outside of the Google Classroom environment. This is to comply with  educational copyright laws, student privacy, and to protect the integrity of VC instruction. 

VIII. Code of Conduct and Dress Code
The Valley Central Code of Conduct and Dress Code  applies to all online learning.