On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, Valley Central School District residents approved a Budget of  $112,200,000.  This budget maintains all programs for our students while staying under the tax cap and maximizing state aid. It is a fiscally responsible budget reducing the reliance on fund balance which ensures the fiscal stability of the school district.  

The 2021-2022 Budget aligns with the District Strategic Goals. 

  • It aligns with the aspiration of Valley Central being rated in the top 5 schools in Orange County at the best value for the community. 
  • Valley Central provides a quality education to the community’s children at the same time its per pupil spending  level is the third lowest in Orange County.  

The 2021-2022 Budget :

  • incorporates culturally inclusive teaching in order to meet the needs of all students
  • Support the hands-on Science 21 Curriculum
  • Includes STEM Labs and STEM Curriculum for K-5 
  • Supports the electives at the Secondary level, and maintains our highly successful music and art programs
  • a focus on mental health and social-emotional learning and will provide an expanded summer school program to address learning gaps. 

The VCSD budget history which can be found here.    

The Tax Levy stayed within the tax levy limit for 2020-21 at 2.86%.  The Tax Levy History can be found here.

Across the state, 99% of the school budgets for the 2021-2022 school year that stayed within the tax cap were passed by voters according to the NYS School Boards Association. Valley Central was one of those districts. 

PDF of the Budget Newsletter 2021-2022

Sources of Revenue 

State Aid: $38,317,970 (34%)
Tax Levy:  $65,213,763  (58%)
Other:         $8,668,267      (8%)

Proposed Expenses

Program Budget: $93,125,013 (83%)

The Program Budget includes:  The salaries and benefits of all teachers, guidance counselors, aides, monitors, psychologists, nurses, social workers, and speech therapists. Also included are the costs associated with all the instruction and extra-curricular programs. 

Capital Budget: $9,795,636 (9%)

The Capital Budget includes: Debt service on buildings; bus purchases; tax certiorari and court-ordered costs; and operations and maintenance costs including custodial staff.

Administrative Budget: $9,279,351 (8%)

The Administrative Budget includes: The salaries and benefits of all professional members who spend 50 percent or more of their time in administration and supervision. Also included are:

  • clerical staff;
  • public information;
  • curriculum development and supervision;
  • research, planning, and evaluation;
  • legal services; and
  • school board-related costs.

Capital Project 2021

Renovation and Reconstruction of High School and Middle School Facilities

  • Redesign the entrance/exit and parking areas at the Valley Central Middle School/High School complex. The upcoming NYS Department of Transportation (DOT) project to install traffic lights and turn lanes on 17K will eliminate the High School main entrance. 
  • Reconfiguration of the bus lane and parent drop off lane to create a safer environment for students being dropped off and picked up and improve the traffic flow 
  • A redesigned parent/visitor parking lot and improvement of the east parking lot at the HS to include resurfacing and installation of parking lot lighting for safety 
  • Improvements to the pool dehumidification system 
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades to the high school auditorium 
  • The maximum cost will not exceed $13.63 Million. Reserve funds of $125,000 will be applied to this project. 

Construction of Outside Restroom Building at VCHS

  • Construction of a restroom facility for large events near the stadium and outdoor fields. This will replace rented portable restrooms which are not sufficient to accommodate large outdoor events
    • The proposed restrooms would replace a storage shed and utilize existing utility lines to maximize cost savings
  • The maximum cost will not exceed $656,812. Reserve funds of $200,000 will be applied to this project. 

The total maximum cost for both propositions is $14,286,812 with an estimated  75.6% building aid from the State expected on eligible project expenses. $325,000 is being applied from the District’s Capital Reserve to reduce the tax impact. 

Board of Education Election

In this election, voters  also selected two people to serve on the Board of Education each for three year terms that will begin July 2021 and end June 2024.   Dee Kelly and Angela Terralavoro were elected to fill these seats. 

2020-2021 Budget Information

The Valley Central School District is a collective investment by the community in its future and a reflection of its values. It is the responsibility of district leaders to work to manage the use of resources to provide the best education possible according to the mandates and requirements of the NYS Department of Education and Board of Regents to the community’s students while at the same time, developing and managing the district budget responsibly with accountability to all community members, including the taxpayers. The Board of Education is charged to adopt a budget in the spring of each school year for the following school year that is presented to the community for a vote, held on the third Tuesday in May.

Creating A School Budget

The process of creating a budget that allows the district to achieve its district goals begins months before the vote.  Learn more about creating a school budget here. 

Property Taxes

New York State Schools are funded by property taxes.  Typically, school taxes make up about two-thirds of a property owner’s annual tax bill across the state. Valley Central School District’s taxes are collected through the Town of Montgomery Assessor’s office, which collects the taxes from all the residents of the seven towns that comprise the district.  Property tax bills can be looked up here for any property in the district. 

NYS STAR Program

New York State offers the STAR Program to help relieve the tax burden of property owners.  There is a program for homeowners under the age of 65 and an enhanced program for homeowners over the age of 65.  The program is controlled by New York State and was recently changed by New York State in 2019.  Learn more about the STAR Program here. 

VCSD Tax Exemptions

Valley Central School District offers two additional tax exemption programs to senior citizens and veterans.  Learn more about VCSD tax exemption programs here.