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Division Strategies

The preceding videos were created by Mr. Christopher McFadden, MES and Ms. Kathleen Alexander, MES
Ms. Bordone, WES explains Number Bonds
K-1 Rekenrek –A Digital Resource for Parents for Counting by Ms.  Lettieri, MES  
Grade 3-5 Parents. Addition and Subtraction of Fractions by Ms. Linda  Lettieri, MES
Here is a video about adding and subtracting fractions that will give you insight into the visual images that can be used with students to help them understand the underlying mathematics. 
Grade 4-5 Parents:Partial Quotients by Ms. Linda Lettieri, MES
This video explains the Partial Quotient Strategy for Division. There are visual models and a progression that explains why it is placed in the curriculum before students learn the standard algorithm
Word Problems by Ms. Linda Lettieri, MES
This video shows a wonderful, currently free resource for solving word problems. While the resource may be of interest to any parent/guardian of a student in K through grade 6, the specific example shown in this video is perfect for grade 2 students. 
Family Math Splat– by Ms. Linda Lettieri, MES
This video helps students see subtraction and fraction and can be used with lower and upper elementary students. 

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