Special Education Resources

Testing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Many students with disabilities will require testing accommodations in order to participate in testing programs on an equal basis with their non-disabled peers. Such accommodations provide students with the ability to demonstrate skills and attainment of knowledge without being limited or unfairly restricted due to the effects of a disability. This manual provides information and tools to assist Committees on Special Education (CSEs) and Section 504 Committees in making appropriate decisions for determining needed testing accommodations for individual students with disabilities.

Rehabilitation Support Services

Provide community-based mental health and substance abuse services in 13 upstate NY counties.

Beautiful People Adaptive Sports

Beautiful People Adaptive Sports is a  nonprofit organization with a mission to build bridges between children with disabilities, their families and the broader community of Orange County by providing adaptive sports for children and young adults ages 5 and up.

Access: Supports for Living

Access: Supports for Living is an organization devoted to the health of the people and communities of the Hudson Valley 

New York State Department of Education

Information on Special Education is available at the NYSED webpage. 

Adult Career & Continuing Ed Services

Adult Career & Continuing Ed Services assists adults with disabilities to achieve and maintain employment and independent living

Early Intervention/Committee on Preschool Education
(Orange County Department of Health)

The Early Intervention Program is available for children from birth to 2 years old. For information, you can contact the Orange County Department of Health at (845) 360-6630, or the Growing Up Healthy Hotline at (800) 522-5006

Parent’s Guide to Special Education

NYSED has a parent’s guide to Special Education.  It is also available in Spanish.

New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA)

NYSED guidance on the NYSAA includes a quick guide.

Parents United Learning Special Education System

PULSES, Inc. is a 501.C non-profit education advocacy group for special education and disabled students

Mental Health Services of Orange County

Programs and Services are available to assist individuals and families in living with disabilities.  

Legal Services of the Hudson Valley

Provides comprehensive, civil legal services for individuals and families who cannot afford legal services when basic human needs are at stake.

Independent Living, Inc

Independent Living, Inc. is a  nonprofit agency controlled by people with disabilities that provides a wide range of programs and services.

Dispute Resolution Council

The Dispute Resolution Council is a private non-profit agency that provides mediation services, educational programs, training and workshops, group facilitation, arbitration, and consultation