Receptive Language



Receptive language is the “input” of language. It is how you understand and comprehend spoken language that you hear or read. Typically, children are able to understand language before they are able to produce it. Some receptive language skills include:

  • Following directions
  • Answering questions
  • Identifying (such as pointing to) objects and pictures
  • Understanding what gestures or facial expressions
  • Understand a story
  • Understanding what you read (reading comprehension)

Information and Related Resources:

Ways to Practice:

  • Find Books for SpeechThis is a wonderful website to find books that work on specific language skills with your child! Books are a great way to work on skills such as following directions, vocabulary, asking/answering questions, grammar, sequencing, and storytelling. 
  • ABCYa! is a fun and educational website full of games and ways to practice language skills. Playing the more open-ended games can be a great way to practice following directions (e.g., tell your student what they should do next to complete each game). Here are just a few fun open-ended games: