Snow Days

Repost: About Snow Days This Year

February 9, 2021 was our 4th Snow Day. Therefore VCSD will be in-session on May 27, 2021.

How Many Snow Days Does Valley Central Have? 

There are seven snow days in total.  The first three snow days do not have to be made up if used.  The fourth through seventh snow days are “banked” in the student school calendar. If there is no need for the fourth through seventh snow days, the days remain as part of vacations.  

If there is a need for the fourth through seventh snow days to be used, it is understood that the days will be taken from the 2020-2021 calendar as follows: 

  • If a fourth snow day is used, the makeup day will be May 27th.
  • If a fifth snow day is used, the makeup days will be March 26th and May 27th.
  • If a sixth snow day is used, the makeup days will be April 5th, March 26th and May 27th.
  • If a seventh snow day is used, the makeup days will be March 26th, April 5th, May 27th, and May 28th.

Makeup days were made public when the BOE adopted the calendar on February 10, 2020. 

Students and employees are cautioned to not make vacation plans encompassing the “banked” snow days, or makeup days, as attendance is expected if needed on those days.  

The district bases its decision to have a snow day on the weather conditions of a particular day and the overall safe transportation of our students. 

In case of Inclement Weather or Closing: 

Please check this website.  A red “Special Alert” Bar will appear at the top of each webpage. 

Please check the VCSD Facebook page. 

Please check the following  stations: 

News 12, Spectrum News Hudson Valley, WPDH, WHUD

Many people like to follow the infamous meterologist, Ben Noll, a VC grad who predicts snow days for all the local school districts, although he now resides in New Zealand.  He has been predicting VC snow days since he was a student here, and most of the time he is pretty accurate.  While Ben’s predictions have no authority for the closing of the district, you may enjoy following him as well.  Find Ben Noll on the web