Berea Activities


Berea offers a 4th and 5th grade band, both directed by Ms. Lomolino.


Fifth graders at Berea are lucky to be a part of the D.A.R.E. program. Our D.A.R.E. officer, Officer Kenny, is dedicated to helping our students stay drug and violence free.  The D.A.R.E. program at Berea involves classes once a week lead by Officer Kenny.  During class, students learn communication skills, ways to prevent bullying, facts about alcohol and drugs, strategies for saying no, helpful hints for avoiding peer pressure and media pressure.  Students also have the opportunity to form an important bond with Officer Kenny that can last them throughout their school career.
In addition to learning important information about how to say no to drugs and violence, there are wonderful programs like the DARE graduation picnic.


The Drama Club is under the advisement of Mr. Bill Carter.


Music Club provides an opportunity for fifth graders to share their love of music with students in first grade.  The club is coordinated by Mrs. Larson.


Odyssey of the Mind is like no other extra-curricular program you know. It’s a world-wide competition in which teams of students are presented with “problems” which they must solve in positive and creative ways. Each team must create every part of its “solution” by writing a unique script, building sets, creating props, and designing costumes. 

Teams will perform their “solutions” at our regional competition (located at Orange/Ulster BOCES in Goshen, NY).  Teams who win at the regional level will move onto compete in the NY State Competition (usually located at Binghamton State University). Winners at the State level then move on to compete at the World Finals (located at a University t/b/d within the continental United States).

You can learn more about this program and competitions by visiting these websites:

Here’s the general rule of thumb: When school is out, so is Odyssey!  As much as we hate to miss a single practice, if Berea is closed (whether for a holiday, inclement weather closing, or other emergency) there can be no Odyssey of the Mind practice. Team members can always create clever solutions at home, of course!

Although there are limits to what you, as a parent are able to do, please know that your support is absolutely invaluable to our team.  The more teammate talk about OOTM at home, work on OOTM solutions at home, and get together at home, the more successful their team will be.  Also, by spending quality time creating their solution, they’ll have more fun, greater confidence and be less stressed.  It’s been my observation that Valley Central teams often fall short of other school districts because, unlike others, they’re not permitted to have “team meetings” outside of school.   Please understand, this does not mean that they cannot work on OOTM or get together with other team members at home.  Gently encourage your child by helping him/her notice costumes, sets and how things move/work everywhere around him/her.  Questions like, “How do you think they made that costume?” or “Do you remember the set we saw at….?” are great ways to get them thinking.  Just remember that all ideas must come from them! 


Berea’s student council is a student government group. Each class in grades three through five elect two representatives from their class. From these, a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer are elected. The student council does community service projects for the school and community. The council also plans school spirit days and organizes other school related projects. 


Yearbook is advised by Mrs. Dawn Rubino.