Check out Berea’s Art Work!

Here is a virtual show of Berea’s artwork for the 2022-23 school year (so far!)


Here’s Mrs. Brahm’s statement about Art: 

Art Education plays a key role for our young 21st century learners here at Berea. Creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving…..the art room provides opportunities every week for your child to use and strengthen these skills.

Art encourages some of  life’s most desired skills…Problem-solving: when we make art, sometimes it just doesn’t go according to our plan so we often have to come up with new solutions to reach their artistic goals. Adaptability: Learning  how to adjust and fix our mistakes goes with the territory. Art fosters adaptability and flexibility, Working well with others….all are important components of 21st century readiness. 

 My goal is to have your children LOVE art and the artistic process of creating art.  I try to help them develop an understanding as to how we express our ideas visually, how to see the world, and even gain a better understanding as to what actually inspires them. 

 We incorporate diverse cultures, technology, writing, poetry, math and science into our masterpieces, not to mention the variety of art materials we’ll use! We’ll learn amazing techniques and build our artistic skills throughout the year, while also figuring out how to critique not only our own artwork but the works of others as well!