Class of 2023 Commencement

The spirits of the graduating Class of 2023 were not dampened by inclement weather on Saturday, Jun 24, 2023.  While the ceremony needed to be held indoors, all of the VC traditions were present due to the rehearsal work of the prior day. 


The students jubilantly entered the gymnasium to Pomp and Circumstance. The Class of 2023  was addressed by their principal, superintendent, and Board of Education president.  Salutatorian Codi Rumsey reflected on the step-by-step journey it took to get to graduation despite the pandemic interrupting their Freshman and Sophomore years. Valedictorian Femi Yusuff likened his class to a crew on a Viking longship whose lives and fates were intertwined. He asked his classmates “not to sink the ship”, but rather aspire for greatness in every path life takes them as the “generation of perseverance”.  Femi’s speech inspired a standing ovation from the audience and his classmates who were chanting his name. 


Three hundred and twenty-three diplomas were conferred upon the graduating class with caps flying up in joy as soon as their tassels were turned.  The recessional march sounded and the newest Valley Central alumni swiftly exited to take their first steps on their new path. 


The entire ceremony was live streamed and recorded and is available for viewing at: