Closing of the HS/MS Campus for Summer

The Board of Education adopted a resolution on May 22, 2023 to close the High School/Middle School campus to use and occupancy by the public for the summer in order for the capital improvement project that is underway to proceed without interruption and to ensure the health and safety of the public. This will be the second phase of construction for the redesign of the entrance and exit, bus lanes, traffic lanes, walkways and sidewalks in front of both buildings.  

The complex will be closed beginning mid-morning on June 25th through August 20th. The closing includes all grounds including athletic fields, tennis courts, and track, as well as the pool. Gates will be installed at both the entrance and exits of the complex for the time period that the campus is closed.

Due to the construction, the high school and middle school summer school program will be relocated to Montgomery Elementary School.  Montgomery Elementary’s summer program will again be located at Berea Elementary School.  Additionally, Walden Elementary’s summer program will be located at East Coldenham Elementary School.

We appreciate the cooperation of the community and look forward to the completion of this capital project.