Staff Mandated Training on Data Privacy

New York State has mandated that all employees of educational agencies must have training in Data Privacy and Security

RICs in New York State are now offering online training for school district personnel. This training covers many topics having to do with Data Privacy and Security in the education environment. The training does not need to be completed in one sitting. You may close the training and return to it later and the course will pick up where you left off. Please complete the required parts of the training  by December 6, 2023 .

Here are the instructions of how to take the training.

1. Open your Internet Browser and go to Read the information about the course.
2. Click the blue bar that says Step 1 – Create A PIN.
3. Choose  Valley Central SD  as the district and enter the district password  vcsd2023-2024 , then click Check District Password .
4. Begin typing the letters of your last name in the box that appears, and after a few characters, your name should pop into the white box below. Click your name when it appears. Then click Send My PIN.
5. A unique PIN will be sent to your email address. Once you have acquired your PIN. Return to and click Step 2 – I have already created my PIN.
6. Enter your email address and the PIN that was sent to you and click Authenticate. You will then be able to take the course.

As you are working through the course, if you notice any problems, or have questions send them to

What you need to know about the RICOne Online Data Privacy and Security Awareness Training

ALL VC faculty and staff are required to complete this training annually
Each staff member must complete the training on their own; the training cannot be completed with a partner or group
There are three Modules – it takes approximately 30 minutes to complete each module

Red Module #1 must be finished on or before 10/4/23 (early dismissal day)
Orange Module #2 must be finished on or before 11/7/23 (supt. conf. day)
Yellow Module #3 must be finished on or before 12/6/23 (early dismissal day)
Use a desktop browser, not a mobile device, to ensure your data is saved properly
You will need speakers or headphones/earbuds to listen to the narrated audio content