Letter from Superintendent Regarding Fire Drill on September 16th

September 19th, 2022


Dear Parents/Community Members:

We have received several inquiries concerning the fire alarm on Friday. Initially an alarm at the Middle School was triggered and the indication was the code for a possible gas leak. Because the high school and the middle school are connected, both buildings are evacuated when an alarm is activated. These are very sensitive alarm systems and can be triggered by many things that are not a danger. In this case it appears to have been caused by a container of hand sanitizer that was on a student desk directly below the alarm sensor.

The standard procedure is to evacuate the buildings until it is determined by the Fire Department that it is safe for everyone to return. An initial clearance was given to return however, out of an abundance of caution that clearance was over ruled a few minutes later and the high school had to re-evacuate. The middle school remained outside. Subsequently a second all clear was given to return to both buildings.

Because parents had begun to arrive and there was a concern about busses being able to get into the complex for dismissal it was necessary to put out an
automated call to prevent a traffic jam before all of the details had been given to central office. School officials have debriefed concerning the details.

Additionally, please be aware that the district will continue to conduct required
annual emergency drills to comply with regulations at all of our buildings.



Michael Bellarosa
Interim Superintendent of Schools