The Board Of Education Authorize Attorneys to Intervene in Medline’s Court Proceedings

Medline Seeks to Have Assessment Reduced by 81% Which Will Negatively Impact School Taxes

As you may recall, many in our school district and community were pleased with Medline’s decision to withdraw as a PILOT and proceed with building a facility in Montgomery. 

Regrettably, Medline has recently filed with the Supreme Court asking to have their assessed value of that facility reduced by 81%.  If successful, the reduction in tax revenues would negatively impact school taxes by approximately 1 million dollars annually. 

In response, at the September 27th meeting the Valley Central Board of Education passed a resolution authorizing our attorneys to take all action necessary to intervene in these proceedings filed by Medline
Industries Inc. 

The Town of Montgomery is charged with the legal responsibility for defending this assessment, and the Valley Central School District will work collaboratively with them to ensure the taxpayers of our school district are represented.

Additionally, our Valley Central community continues to be impacted by the growing number of proposed PILOTs.  While we are not opposed to progress, on more than one occasion the Valley Central Board of Education has expressed concerns over PILOTS and the economic impact on
our school district and taxpayers. 

Superintendent John Xanthis has also conveyed the need to work with businesses to encourage them to demonstrate their goodwill and willingness to partner with the school district with funding through a Community Benefit Agreement (CBA). 

The board and district will continue to express concern when needed and collaborate with the town to ensure that Community Benefit Agreements are proposed for every PILOT.

We will provide additional updates as they become available.  In the meantime, the Valley Central Board of Education and school district will continue to represent our students and taxpayers by supporting decisions that are fair and equitable for all involved.

Joseph Bond
President, Valley Central Board of Education