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Welcome Back Sign at East Coldenham
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Superintendent’s Message


Valley Central is off to a great start! On Friday, September 1st, the district held convocation for VC staff to launch our new school year. It was an opportunity for our staff to come together as one team, one district, to inspire commitment for this year’s focus on Community, Coherence, and Consistency and our District Strategic Plan. The guest speaker, Gian Paul Gonzalez, honored our dedication to our students and inspired us to deepen our commitment by always giving 100% and being “All in, every day”!

I had the pleasure of visiting our schools as the school year began. Students transitioned back smoothly. It was heartwarming to see how students and staff shared information to get to know each other and the excitement staff and students demonstrated about returning to school. Across the District, VC staff worked collaboratively to set the foundations for student success. Staff created welcoming learning environments for our students, school buildings were thoroughly cleaned, school procedures were reviewed, students engaged in relationship-building activities and students received school supplies. 

As we begin the year, it is important that we continue to work collaboratively to support our students’ success throughout the year. Having our students arrive at school on time provides a strong start to their day, access to a full day of instruction, and embeds the lifelong skills to be responsible in their future experiences and careers. As a reminder, students should be at their schools at designated arrival time: High School at 7:05 AM, Middle School at 7:55 AM and Elementary Schools at 9:00 AM. 

At the High School and Middle School Campus, we have developed enhanced arrival procedures to support safety. The car drop now enables us to have at least sixteen students exit cars at the same time. The staff directing traffic closely monitors the flow of traffic and then supports all cars exiting while the next group of cars pull up.  Please cooperate with our staff by following their directions and have students ready to exit your car once signaled.  To maintain safety, all students should exit the vehicle on the right side to step directly onto the sidewalk. 

September 11th Protocol: 

Each year, we have a moment of silence on September 11th and the following statement is read over the PA system during the morning announcements: 

This moment of silence is dedicated to remembering and honoring those who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  It is important to pause on this anniversary to reflect upon what each of us must do to dedicate ourselves to keeping our community, our State and our Nation safe and united.

Upcoming Open Houses

Open House is designed for you to understand school procedures, and how you can be actively involved in your child’s school. Please make every effort to attend. Looking forward to seeing you there!

East Coldenham – 9/12/2023-6:30 PM
Berea Elementary – 9/13/2023 – 7:00 PM
Walden Elementary – 9/14/2023 -6:30 PM
Valley Central High School – 9/19/2023- 7:00 PM
Montgomery Elementary – 9/20/2023 – 7:00 PM
Valley Central Middle School – 9/21/2023- 7:00 PM
ALC @ Maybrook – 9/27/2023 – 6:30 PM

For Your Information

Please be advised that we are aware of the upcoming planned closure of 17K in the Coldenham area on September 18th.  NYSDOT has advised that the closure is due to a culvert replacement. The closure will likely impact many of the Coldenham area bus routes that use 17K.  Director of Security and Emergency Preparedness Stephen Ragni is aware, as well, and will be coordinating with local first responders. We will share more information as it becomes available in the next few days.