Course Change Guide

Course Change Guide

Q: I’m not seeing BOCES on my schedule. Will I be in BOCES for next school year?

A: The answer depends on many factors. We place elective courses in just in case a student changes their mind, cannot get into a popular program or does not have the proper qualifications to go over to BOCES. It is best to ask your counselor at the end of the school year if this plan is in place.

Q: I was supposed to be in an advanced course for a particular subject. Why am I in Regents?

A: Our school has a final average policy for advanced courses along with teacher recommendations. As soon as both criteria are met at the end of the school year, guidance counselors make the change and the schedule will reflect the advanced courses the student qualifies for in the next school year. Students and parents are encouraged to speak to their current year teachers about placement.

Q: Will there be anything else added to my schedule besides what I see here?

A: There could be. Based upon state test scores and/or test prep, classes such as AIS or Math lab may be put in place. This is to ensure that graduation requirements are met.

Q: If I fail a course, will my schedule be changed?

A: Yes, we would change your schedule reflecting courses that you need to retake. In the event that you take courses in the summer, we would change your schedule as soon as we receive grades from your courses that reflect a passing grade.

Q: I signed up for a course that is not here – or – it is the first day of school and a course is not here that I signed up for?

A: There could be many reasons for this. One could be that there were not enough students for the course to run. The other is due to scheduling conflicts. The best option here would be to contact your counselor to get the right information.

Q: Is this schedule set by period? Do I know which teachers I have?

A: This schedule is not set by period – only the courses you signed up for. Teachers are not listed because they have not been assigned yet. Please note the school handbook that reflects policy on teacher requests. Requests for specific teachers will be denied. Students do have the right to request another teacher if they have failed previously with that teacher.

Course Change  Policy

VCHS will enact a three-phase procedure that will incorporate all aspects of schedule changes. The goal is to create a rigorous educational environment that is least disruptive to the start of the school year, and that applies to courses that are both elective and core in nature.

All students have the right to make scheduling changes starting in March through June of the current school year for the next school year. This gives students, parents, and counselors ample time to discuss, review and plan accordingly. The ultimate goal for all parties is to maintain academic rigor, achieve 21st century skills and prepare students for their future.

The guidance office welcomes you to contact them via phone or email to ask questions. They also welcome you to come in to discuss a plan for your student.

Phase I (March – August)

During this time, students and parents can make changes to schedules with no penalty. We ask that during this time, you review carefully the course descriptions and also match courses to college/career requirements.

Phase II (First Day of School – 10 Days After Start of School)

At this time, no schedule changes can be made unless it is for the following:

  • Adding a course
  • Leveling out classes
  • Administrative approved level changes
  • Errors in scheduling

If a student wishes to drop a course during this phase, they must do so using a course drop form. Only if they are approved through administration may they drop the course with no penalty. For second semester courses, the same rule applies with the same amount of days. Please keep in mind that dropping courses could affect NCAA eligibility, college admissions, preparation for placement tests and more. We ask that you take extreme caution when coming to this decision.

Phase III (10 Days After Start of School and on)

At this point, no schedule changes will occur.

Only in extenuating circumstances will a total drop of a course take place. This will result in a student receiving a W/F on their transcript and will require parent, teacher, counselor and administrative approval.


  • All students are required to carry at least FIVE UNITS plus physical education for both semesters of the school year. There are some exceptions for seniors.
  • All students must be enrolled in all required courses until they have fulfilled the graduation requirements in those subjects.
  • All students enrolled in a Regents course will take Regents.