VCHS Math Team Participates at First Competition

The VCHS Math Team traveled to Monticello on October 25th for their first competition of the year against teams from Monticello, Middletown, Pine Bush, and Fallsburg.  While the Pine Bush A Team won the overall competition, the VC A team (consisting of Adam Elkashef, Mary Barry, Kaitlyn Sepulveda, Caitlyn Yeaple, and Patricia Montero) was the highest scoring Valley Central team with 11 points. VC coaches Mr. Stout and Ms. Bannon were especially proud that they were able to bring 4 teams total to the competition and each and every team was able to score points and be competitive. Patricia Montero, Dardan Cenalia, Annalise Smallwood, and Connor Walsh were the high scorers for VC with 4 individual points each.  Please wish the entire VC Math Team luck when they travel to Pine Bush for their next competition in November.[0]=AZVyaYxbYJBtGgJDBYcBgM0RIq7ArOdU1BmGC-bWlnJabs2g9QIhGfQnryGD0wxdwjBKARK_4kXQlEJ5ozfbXaW5D7JPUdgAs_tS2Xamm9iTXhcKR09JkgMycM46bUdsvZc&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R