2021-2022 Budget Newsletter

The 2021-2022 Budget Newsletter was mailed out today.  Here it is in its entirety. 


At a Glance

Proposed Budget $112,200,000

Spending Increase: $3,770,989 or 3.48%

Tax Levy Increase: $1,810,231 or 2.86%

Voter Information

Vote On:
May 18, 2021/6 a.m. to 9 p.m./Valley Central High School Gymnasium

Voter Registration Day

May 11, 2021/1:00 pm to 8:00 pm/Valley Central Administration Building

Voter Eligibility

  • U.S. citizen
  • School district resident for at least 30 days
  • 18 years of age by May 18, 2021
  • Registered with the School District and/or County Board of Elections

Absentee Ballots

Applications for absentee ballots are available from the Office of the District Clerk

More Information/VCSDNY.ORG

Letter from the Superintendent

Valley Central School District residents will go to the polls on Tuesday, May 18th to vote on a proposed $112,200,000 budget for the 2021-2022 school year.  As the proposed levy is at the district’s maximum allowable levy at 2.86%, the proposed budget requires a simple majority (50 percent plus one vote) for approval.  Additionally, the voters will vote on two propositions for the proposed capital project, which will include renovations and reconstruction work at the High School/Middle School campus to allow for the upcoming installation of traffic lights and turn lanes by the New York State Department of Transportation, the reconfiguration of parking lots and lighting for safety, improvements to the pool dehumidification system, ADA compliant upgrades in the auditorium, and the construction of an outdoor restroom facility for large gatherings such as sporting events and graduation.

On behalf of the Valley Central School District, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the community for its thoughtful consideration of our 2021-2022 budget proposal.  We have worked diligently to develop a fiscally responsible, balanced budget that supports educational programs, accounts for rising costs, preserves an adequate fund balance and is mindful of the financial impact to taxpayers, while at the same time ensuring the stability and the long-term health of our schools.  The district also remains conservative in its use of the fund balance reserve, so as not to borrow against our financial future.  The proposed budget will provide enhanced extracurricular activities and athletic programs, while continuing to provide culturally inclusive educational programs and services that meet the needs of all our students.

I believe that we have been able to accomplish a great deal this year as we continue to navigate through the immense challenges COVID-19 has caused.  Our students were able to begin their instructional programs – in person, hybrid and remote models – on time at the start of September 2020.  Our dedicated faculty, staff and administrative team have worked tirelessly to provide the best possible programs and extracurricular opportunities for all of our students.  Although some of our students have struggled with the changes during the pandemic, we have worked hard to provide additional support, including a strong social/emotional learning program.  We look forward to a greatly enhanced summer school program this year, across all grade levels, to help close the learning gap that some of our students have experienced this year.  

I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by a community that values education and that places their trust in this district to mold the next generation of the Valley Central community. It is a momentous responsibility, but we work hard every day to create a school district that we remain proud of – a great place for children.  We are eager to watch our community continue to grow and achieve new goals in the 2021-2022 school year!  

John P. Xanthis

Superintendent of Schools

Did You Know

46,744 meals served to the community during COVID crisis (BIG BOX)
4,025 students enrolled
560,000 square foot 396 acres (same as last year)
1,000 people employed (same as last year)
92% graduation rate
14 college level courses (same as last year)
10 advanced placement courses (same as last year) 
17 Community Members – Racial and Social Equity Committee
1:1 Chromebooks All K-12 students provided with a Chromebook
100 hotspots provided to families for internet access
Recipient of Education in Music Award from NAMM for the 4th year in a row
47 Athletic Teams “All Three Seasons Played”
Varsity Girls Soccer Section IX Champions

PDF of Budget Notice  

Budget Expenditures

Total Budget $112,200,000

Program Budget: $93,125,013

Percentage of Budget: 83%

The program component provides funding for the salaries and benefits of all teachers, guidance counselors, aides, monitors, psychologists, nurses, social workers, and speech therapists. The program component also includes the costs associated with all the instructional and extra-curricular programs, transportation and athletic activities.

Capital Budget: $9,795,636 

Percentage of Budget: 9%

The capital component provides funds for the operation and maintenance of Valley Central’s school buildings, debt service, property tax refunds, tax certiorari and court-ordered costs, and the salaries and benefits for the maintenance and custodial staff.

Administrative Budget: $9,279,351

Percentage of Budget: 8%

The administrative component provides funding for the overall general support and management activities of the district including the salaries and benefits of all professional members who spend 50 percent or more of their time in administration and supervision, curriculum development, clerical staff, public information, business office operations, and legal and auditing services. 

The Bottom Line on Tax Impact

2021-22 Average Cost to Taxpayer Based on Proposed Tax Levy

Full Value

$200,000-Senior/STAR-$6.50 mo. or $78 yr.
                         STAR-$8.50 mo. or $102 yr.
                         No STAR-$10.00 mo. or $120 yr.

$300,000-Senior/STAR-$11.50 mo. or $138 yr.
                         STAR-$13.50 mo. or $162 yr.
                         No STAR-$15.00 mo. or $180 yr.

$400,000-Senior/STAR-$16.50 mo. or $198 yr.
                         STAR-$18.50 mo. or $222 yr.
                         No STAR-$20.00 mo. or $240 yr.

This is broken down into three categories; a Senior Citizen homeowner receiving Enhanced STAR (based on a $70,700 equalized value exemption), a homeowner receiving STAR (based on a $30,000 equalized value exemption), and a homeowner without STAR (usually the case for a non-primary residence)

This estimate for illustrative purposes only and is an estimation based on full equalized value

For information on the STAR Program: https://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/property/star/default.htm

The Valley Central School District offers a Senior Citizen Tax Exemption for senior citizens within a qualifying income range. For more information about applying for this exemption, please contact the Town of Montgomery Assessor’s office.

The Valley Central School District offers a partial Veteran’s Tax Exemption to disabled veterans and veterans who served during wartime or were in combat. For more information about applying for this exemption, please contact the Town of Montgomery Assessor’s office.

Transportation Contract

The 2021-2022 school year is the first year of a five year contract for home to school, field and sports trips, and summer school transportation with First Student.

Multi-year transportation contracts require voter approval. Passage of the school budget by the voters constitutes the approval of the multi year transportation contract with First Student. The projected total cost over the five year period is estimated to be $38,794,000

Facts About First Student  

First Student has 37 years of experience in pupil transportation 
Serves 1,100 school districts  
Operates 42,000 vehicles across the U.S. and Canada 

Walden Elementary School Roof Repair

An immediate repair to the Walden Elementary School roof is necessary and included in the proposed budget due to the deterioration of the concrete soffit. The proposed budget contains a transfer to the Capital Fund in the amount of $390,000 for the repair.

A successful budget vote will approve the transfer of the capital and allows for the WES Roof Soffit Project to begin immediately.

This project will be eligible for State Aid. Currently, the District receives 75.6% State Aid on eligible construction projects. 

Proposed 2021-2022 Budget Priorities 

Maintain existing programs with a focus on science and STEAM programs in grades K-12
Maintain our highly successful music and art programs
Maintain existing electives
Expand the mental health and social emotional learning programs
Expand the VC sports program with a new gymnastics team

VCSD Response to COVID-19

Opened all of our buildings for hybrid in-person instruction on time in September
Offered a 100% online program for K-12 students that opted to learn at home
At-risk students engaged in five day a week in-person instruction
Increased in-person instruction to five days for all students, as the mandates allowed
Chromebooks were provided to all students, along with a technology help desk and webinars to assist families
Provided PPE for students and staff
Internet services were provided to 100 students in order for them to access their education 
Assisted our community by providing breakfast and lunch to families over the summer and during the school year 
Engaged students in clubs and activities via Google Meets and in-person meetings
Provided a condensed athletic season for all sports allowed by the mandates
Families were given numerous opportunities to provide feedback on our COVID -19 instructional plan throughout the year

Gymnastics Program

The proposed budget includes the addition of a gymnastics team. Valley Central will be the first school district in Orange County to offer gymnastics. The team will compete against other section IX schools who currently have a gymnastics program.

Federal Stimulus Funding

These funds are not part of the District’s general fund budget as they are applied for and granted separately over the next three years to address learning loss and to respond to student’s social, emotional, and academic needs along with other needs arising from the pandemic.

Capital Project

Proposition 2

Renovation and Reconstruction of High School
and Middle School Facilities

Proposition No.  2 contains the following:

Redesign the entrance/exit and parking areas at the Valley Central Middle School/High School complex. The upcoming NYS Department of Transportation (DOT) project to install traffic lights and turn lanes on 17K will eliminate the High School main entrance. 
Reconfiguration of the bus lane and parent drop off lane to create a safer environment for students being dropped off and picked up and improve the traffic flow 
A redesigned parent/visitor parking lot and improvement of the east parking lot at the High School to include resurfacing and installation of parking lot lighting for safety 
Improvements to the pool dehumidification system 
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades to the High School auditorium 
The maximum cost for Proposition No. 2 will not exceed $13.63 Million. Reserve funds of $125,000 will be applied to this project. 

Find Presentation on the Proposed Capital Project: https://youtu.be/08N-xi7dIS0

Proposition 3

Construction of High School Restroom Facility

Proposition No. 3 contains the following:

Construction of a restroom facility for large events near the stadium and outdoor fields Currently, the District rents portable restrooms which are not sufficient to accommodate large outdoor events.  The proposed restrooms would replace a storage shed and utilize existing utility lines to maximize cost savings.
The maximum cost for Proposition No. 3 will not exceed $656,812. Reserve funds of $200,000 will be applied to this project. 

Proposition No. 3 can only be enacted if it passes AND Proposition No. 2 also passes.

The total maximum cost for both propositions is $14,286,812. Currently the District receives 75.6% building aid on eligible project expenses. $325,000 is being applied from the District’s Capital Reserve to reduce the impact on our taxpayers. 

2020-2021 Board of Education

Joseph Bond, President
Sarah Messing, Vice-President
Arthur Fitzgerald
Sonia Lewis
Katie McKnight
Diana Revoir
Melvin Wesenberg


There are two seats open for election, each for a three-year term. 

The candidates are:

Tiffany Carroll
Dee Kelly
Angela Terralavoro
Lisa Ruiz

Printable PDF of 2021-2022 Budget Newsletter