East Coldenham Activities

Boomwhacker Club

Boomwhackers are colorful plastic tubes that are cut to different lengths.  Each tube, when hit on a surface such as the floor, creates a different note.  Working as a group, the Bookwhacker Club times these strikes to create beautiful music together.

EC Echoes

EC Echoes is a chorus who meet to hone their singing skills.  EC Echoes performs at concerts and other special events during the school year.  This club offers the opportunity to meet with like-minded  and talented singers.  If you like to sing, you’ll love EC Echoes!

Crazy 8’s 

Student work collaboratively to apply their math and reasoning skills while working with different objects to solve a problem posed by the advisors. 

Blogging (Writing) Club

In Blogging Club, EC’s 4th and 5th graders decide on a topic that they are most passionate about and write, edit, and publish their very own blog. 

Student Council

Our focus is on helping not only our school, but our community, state, and country.  Student Council Flyers are sent home during the school year. 

School Play

Students have an opportunity to try for a role on stage, or may choose to work behind the scenes.  No student who wants to participate is turned away. 

STEAM Enrichment Club

While participating in the STEAM Enrichment Club, 4th and 5th grade students have the opportunity to learn concepts that will prepare them for 21st century careers.  Using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math as tools to foster student learning, the Club focuses on expanding and sharpening students’ knowledge in algebra, numbers and operations, geometry, measurement, critical thinking, problem solving, design, and many more areas through fun activities and projects. STEAM Enrichment Club rotates to each elementary school throughout the year and is available for a limited time at each school. 


Students create a yearbook to commemorate their experiences at East Coldenham. Members of this club actively record events and take pictures to be used in the creation of the yearbook.