About East Coldenham Elementary

Our Mission

The mission of the East Coldenham Elementary School community, where children are treasured, is to foster a love of learning in an innovative, collaborative environment, which empowers all students to be
competent, productive, caring and responsible citizens.

At East Coldenham, we strive to BELIEVE, ACHIEVE AND SUCCEED in all that we do.

Quick Contacts

PrincipalFront view of East Coldenham Elementary School
Dan McDonald
(845) 457-2400, ext. 12510

School Nurse
Danielle Webb
(845) 457-2400, ext. 12700

Occupational and Physical Therapy
Patricia Arnott

(845) 457-2400, ext. 19071

School Psychologist
Marci Rheal

(845) 457-2400, ext. 12640

Student Assistance Counselor
DASA Coordinator
Alexandra Riker

(845) 457-2400, ext. 12006