Trustee Dee Kelly Resigns from the Board of Education

Trustee Dee Kelly tendered a letter of resignation from her position on the Board of Education on August 11, 2022.  Kelly was elected to the BOE in May 2021 and had served on the Board from July 2021. 

Dee Kelly offered her sincere appreciation to the community members who had supported her for the position and said that she was glad she was able to serve the District which she described as a “great honor”. 

Kelly said her resignation was due to family and business responsibilities which were too great at this time for her to continue to the end of her term.  Kelly’s three year term ends in June 2024. 

BOE President, Joe Bond, accepted Dee Kelly’s resignation with regret.  He explained that the BOE decided to keep the seat vacant until the Annual Board of Education/Budget vote which will be held in May 2023.   Bond cited the Superintendent Search and the cost of a special election as reasons for the BOE taking this action. 

“Dee Kelly was an important, valued member of this Board of Education who will be missed,” state President Joe Bond.