VCHS COVID Procedures

[…] been sanitized. Students will be expected to take these desk mats with them throughout the day to utilize for safety. Students are encouraged to utilize hand sanitizer where hand washing is not available. Stations will be available throughout the building and in each classroom.  Students will be allowed to bring their own sanitizers and […]


Minutes of the Board of Education

[…] J.  Certification and Payment of Tax Refunds The District Treasurer be authorized to approve and certify payments due for the correction of errors on the tax rolls, where such corrections do not exceed two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) for the school year 2021-2022. OFFICIAL UNDERTAKINGS (BONDS) All District employees will be bonded for […]

COVID FAQs-January 8, 2021

If my child was 100% online before the Pause are they now hybrid? Students remain on the teams they chose prior to the Pause, so Team Online is still 100% remote, while Team In-Person returns each day and Team 1 returns on Monday and Thursday and Team 2 on Tuesday and Friday.   If […]


Bullying Prevention

[…] who your child’s friends are online and off. If you find out your child is being bullied online, don’t deny them access to the computer. Find out where it’s happening and how, get a school counselor or teacher involved, and let your child know that you will support them. If you find out your […]

Summer Math Activities for Elementary Students

[…] your friends and family.  Display your data in an organized way.  What conclusions can you draw? Look for pennies in your house.  Ask your parents first about where you can look.  How many can you find? Investigate what you can do in one minute.  Set a timer.  See how many times you can write […]

Academic Help for High School Parents

[…] SCIENCE Castle Learning Quizlet Edpuzzle SOCIAL STUDIES WORLD LANGUAGE Castle Learning Newsela ART MUSIC Drama: BUSINESS FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE JROTC Dropout Prevention America’s Promise Alliance is the driving force behind a nationwide movement to […]

Admission of Non-Resident Students">

5152- Admission of Non-Resident Students

The District does not accept non-resident students except as specifically set forth in this policy and Policy 5152.1. This policy is not applicable to homeless students entitled to attend district schools under federal and state law and regulations. The children of families who have signed a contract to buy or build a residence in […]

Education Department">

Business Education Department

  The mission of the Business Education Department is to help all students develop the knowledge, skills, and professional practices necessary to be college and career ready.  Business Education provides students with the foundation to pursue programs such as business administration, management, ownership, accounting, marketing, and finance. Course clusters group the various electives that […]

5405- Wellness

[…] The School District will make efforts, to the extent possible, to procure these farm fresh foods from local vendors. Free drinking water will be available at locations where meals are served. Food and beverages available during the school day will be offered in modest portion sizes age-appropriate for elementary, middle and high school students, […]

ENL – English as New Language Resources

There are interesting resources at for ESL students.    Activities for ESL students  has many quizzes, tests, activities and puzzles for students to learn English as a Second Language.     A primarily multimedia website that provides learning resources for ESL kids in the form of Videos and interactive quizzes is available at […]

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