Register for School

Registration during COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Office of Registration has suspended all in-person registration appointments.  All new student registrations are being handled remotely at this time.  Please visit the registration page on the Valley Central website and complete an Online Pre-Registration Form.  Once your form has been received, you will be contacted with next-step instructions.  Please be advised that you will need to schedule an in-person registration appointment once school reopens.  If you know of anyone who is new to the District, or who has a child who will be entering kindergarten this fall (and who has not already registered) please share this information with them. 

Debido a la pandemia COVID-19, la Oficina de Registro ha suspendido todas las citas de registro en persona.  Todas las nuevas inscripciones de estudiantes se están manejando de forma remota en este momento.  Por favor, visite la página de registro en el sitio web de Valley Central y complete un formulario DE PRE-REGISTRO ONLINE.  Una vez que su formulario haya sido recibido, se le contactará con las instrucciones del siguiente paso.  Tenga en cuenta que tendrá que programar una cita de inscripción en persona una vez que la escuela se vuelva a abrir.  Si usted sabe de alguien que es nuevo en el Distrito, o que tiene un niño que va a entrar en el jardín de infantes este otoño (y que aún no se ha registrado) por favor comparta esta información con ellos.

New Student Registration

New students are registered by appointment at the Administration Building, 944 State Route 17K, Montgomery, N.Y.

To begin the registration process, the parent/legal guardian must complete an Online Pre-Registration Form. Once this form is received by the Registrar, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment. If you do not have internet access, please call (845) 457-2400, ext. 18130.

Parents should complete a registration packet prior to scheduling an appointment.  Registration packets are available at the Registrar’s Office, at each of our school buildings, or may be requested by email at

Registration is a two-step process. After meeting with the registrar, the parent and student visit the school building where the child will attend. It is at this time that the student’s teacher and schedule is assigned and transportation arrangements are made.

Kindergarten Registration

Students must be 5 years old on or before Dec. 1 of the year in which they enroll. UPK students are automatically enrolled in Kindergarten.

Registration for kindergarten students begins the spring before the child will attend. Information packets are mailed home in March, with registration occurring in late March through May. Kindergarten screening appointments are scheduled in late June. Please contact your elementary school to be added to the mailing list. 

    Registration Requirements

    Proof of Residency

    Students entering the district must provide the proper documentation to establish residency. The documents provided must always state the student’s physical address (where the student rests their head each night.) A post office box is never an acceptable address for the purpose of determining residency.

    Birth Certificate

    An original birth certificate with a raised seal is preferred. If you do not have an original birth certificate we will accept your child’s original baptismal certificate with a raised seal or a valid passport. If none of these are available, other documents may be considered.

    Health Records

    • An immunization record signed by a licensed health care provider.
    • A physical exam is required within 15 days of registration for all new students.
    • Proof of a dental exam is also requested.

    These documents may be faxed to (845) 457-3265 directly from the physician’s or dentist’s office. Medical/dental forms are part of each complete registration packet.

    School Records

    • Transcript (Required of high school students. Report card recommended for all other grade levels.)
    • The most current Individualized Education Program (IEP), if applicable.

    Proof of Parental Relationships

    Students will be registered when proof of parental relationship is presented. The parent/legal guardian must be present at the time of registration and must provide valid photo ID.  

    New York State law, Section 3202, states, “A child must reside with one or both of his/her parents unless they are deceased, imprisioned or committed to an institution, having deserted or abandoned the child, or reside outside New York State.” In such cases, only legally appointed guardians or foster parents may assume custody and responsibility for the care of the child.

    Foster Children

    A DSS representative (not the foster parent) must register the child.  A DSS-2999 form and a signed custody order are required at the time of registration.


    If you have legal guardianship, documents signed by a court officer are required.

    Separated or Divorced Parents

    Document signed by a court officer stating parent has physical custody of the child is required. If you are not the natural parent but have legal guardianship of the student, please provide us with the appropriate documents. If there are any other special circumstances such as name change, custody agreement, etc., please bring those documents with you.

    Proof of Residency

    All new students must provide the proper documentation to establish residency. The documents must always state the student’s physical address (that is, where the student rests his or her head each night.) A post office box is never an acceptable address for the purpose of determining residency. 

    Please read the section below that pertains to your situation to determine what documents are required: 


    Please provide (1) either a copy of your most recently paid tax bill or mortgage statement, and (2) a recent utility bill. The name and address on these documents must match the name and address of the parent or legal guardian of the student being registered. *If you have just recently closed on a new home, please provide (1) your Settlement/Closing Statement or the Certificate of Occupancy or Deed, and (2) a homeowner’s insurance policy or utility hook-up receipt.


    Please supply (1) your signed lease agreement with the term listed, and (2) a current cable, electric or fuel delivery bill, or utility hook-up receipt.


    (on a month to month basis) the following should be provided: (1) a notarized letter from the landlord (a blank form will be provided) and (2) a current cable, electric or fuel delivery bill, or utility hook-up receipt. If your utilities are included in the rent, additional documents (see list below) may be provided for consideration to establish residency. If you rent without a lease (on a month to month basis), please also request when picking up registration forms or when emailing for the same, the Landlord Statement which should be completed by your landlord and returned along with a utility bill or utility connection receipt in your name. If all utilities are included in the rent, other documentation may be considered to establish residency.


    (ex: parent, grandparent, friend) and do not pay rent, please complete a set of signed and notarized affidavits, which will be provided. The affidavits must be completed as follows: The first is to be signed by the district resident, who must also provide proof of residency as stated above. The second is to be signed by the parent or legal guardian of the registering student, who will also need to provide additional documents from the non-exhaustive list below to establish residency. Please note: an official Postal Address Change confirmation is requested within 10 business days of moving into the District. If you reside with a Valley Central resident (do not own or rent your own home) please also request when picking up registration forms or when emailing for the same, the Residency Affidavits which may be completed and submitted for consideration to establish residency in the Valley Central School District. Additional supporting documents listed below should also be submitted for consideration.

    Documents which may be used to as proof of residency are:

    • Electric bill
    • Cable or Direct TV bill
    • Telephone record
    • Health care benefits dtatement
    • Driver’s License (newly issued only!)
    • Furniture/appliance delivery receipt
    • Moving company delivery receipt 
    • Official Postal Address Change form
    • Auto insurance card
    • Payroll record
    • Motor vehicle registration 
    • Bank statement 
    • DSS verification 
    • Income tax return
    • Voter registration
    • Cellular phone bill
      If a currently enrolled student has a change of address or transfers within the district, residency must be verified again.

    There will be no exceptions. All mail will be sent to the previous address, and transportation will not be arranged until proper proof of residency is obtained.