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Orange County Health Updates Guidelines re: Quarantine

VC COVID Testing 

VC must conduct random testing of staff if declared part of a yellow, orange or red zone.  WE ARE NOT IN A YELLOW, ORANGE or RED ZONE at this time. The decision to declare a yellow, orange or red zone is made by the state and can be found on the NYS COVID Dashboard which is updated daily

Parents must give consent for a student to be tested by filling out the VC COVID Testing Form and the HIPAA Universal Form

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) requires schools providing in-person instruction to test specific percentages of in-person students, teachers, and staff for COVID-19 if the school is in a designated yellow, orange, or red zone, in order to hold in-person teaching. There are two kinds of tests for COVID-19: the PCR test and the antigen test (also known as a rapid test).

Both tests require a specimen (sample) be collected (taken) from the person being tested. The sample is then tested to find out if the person has COVID-19. How a sample is collected depends on the type of test being used.

Parents must give consent for a student to be tested by filling out the VC COVID Testing Form and the HIPAA Universal Form. 

For more information about COVID-19 Testing at VC please contact

Valley Central’s Registered Nurses help keep students healthy and serve as an important resource in our schools. 

OC DOH/ FAQ’s and COVID-19 Screening/Testing details can be found here

Coronavirus Social-Emotional Resources and Support

Flu Vaccination Recommendation from OC Commissioner of Health 2020

Immunization Requirements

NYS Immunization Requirements for School Entrance/Attendance

Medication Administration in School

Medication may be administered to a student during school hours with the proper written documentation.  Forms may be obtained from the school nurse.
The medication, in its original labeled container with the student’s name, date, route, dose, and name of the medication,  along with the above documents, should be brought to the health office by the parent(s), guardian(s), or designated adult. 

Generally, students are not permitted to carry medication to school.  However, if your child needs to self-carry emergency medication, documentation is still required. A note from your health care provider must also state that the child is allowed to use and carry his/her medication independently. 

No Smoking

Board of Education Policy recognizes the health hazards associated with smoking and therefore, prohibits smoking or use of tobacco-related products and e-cigarettes or vaping devices by anyone anywhere on school grounds, in school buildings, or at school-sponsored activities including any off-premise events.

Physical Examinations

Physical examinations are required for all new entrants, which include: Pre-K, and/or Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th graders.   We urge you to have the physical completed by your child’s own medical provider.  Physical exams can or will be done by the school doctor or nurse practitioner while the child is in school if requested or if a physical form is not on file with the health office. 

Sports Physicals

Valley Central School District uses FamilyID to sign up for sports, including physicals requirement information. 
Registration for all sports is available here on Family ID.


Concussions are a serious health concern for everyone. Learn more about VCSD Concussion Procedures here. 

Sunscreen Use 

The District, in accordance with guidance from NYSED, has developed a procedure for student use of sunscreen.  Please contact your school nurse for the required form which must be completed annually and filed with the school health office at a child’s school 

Mental Health and Wellness

Links to Mental Health and Wellness are here.