The Valley Central PTA Council

The Valley Central Council connects our schools by holding regular meetings for its members.  Our members include representatives from our PTA units and we invite our PTO units to take part in all of our activities. The Council acts as a link in the PTA “chain” and is a valuable resource in connecting the units to The Central Hudson Region PTA, The New York PTA and The National PTA.

The purpose of a PTA Council is to provide a support system for all the individual PTA units within the school district. The Council acts as a forum for the sharing of ideas, keeping all units well informed of any changes in the district that may affect our children and our community. In addition, council helps the local units learn and apply good PTA practices.

The Valley Central PTA Council was founded in 1995 and sponsors several programs that benefit both the children and the community, including:

  • The RIGHT Awards
  • The Valley Central PTA/PTO Council Scholarships
  • Founders’ Day
  • School Board Candidates Night

Founders’ Day

Founders’ Day is a reminder of the substantial role that PTA has played locally, regionally, and nationally in supporting parent involvement and working on behalf of all children and families. It’s a time to reflect and take pride in our many accomplishments, and to renew our commitment to be a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for parents, and a strong advocate for public education.

 PTA’s founders, Phoebe Apperson Hearst and Alice McLellan Birney, and the founder of Georgia’s Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers, Selena Sloan Butler, were women of imagination and courage. They understood the power of individual action, worked beyond the accepted barriers of their day, and took action to literally change the world. They had a simple idea – to improve the lives and futures of all of our children. As much as other conditions in America may have changed, that idea has not. PTAs keep it alive.

Today, PTA is the largest volunteer child advocacy organization in the nation. Our members represent the ethnic diversity of our nation, and they come from the ranks of traditional families, single-parent households, blended families, grandparents, and other caring adults. Together, we continue to serve as the conscience of the country for children and youth.

The R.I.G.H.T Award

  • R: Role model
  • I: Initiative
  • G: Goals
  • H: Helpfulness
  • T: To make a difference

The R.I.G.H.T. Award is sponsored by the Valley Central PTA Council. This award is dedicated to acknowledging the youth of the Valley Central School District who have demonstrated an exceptional contribution within our community. It is the goal of the Valley Central PTA Council to foster the belief that “good kids” deserve recognition. It is our hope that the positive deeds of our youth will serve to enhance the quality and integrity of our entire community.

PTA Council 

Executive Board

  • President: Tara Lapierre
  • Vice President: Alisa Nolan
  • Treasurer: Linda Gibbons
  • Recording Secretary: Sarah Begley
  • Corresponding Secretary: 
  • Superintendent: John Xanthis


  • Founders’ Night/RIGHT Award
  • Health and Safety 
  • Scholarship:


  • Berea PTO: 
  • EC PTA: Sarah Begley
  • Montgomery PTA: Karen Natrella/Rachael Quick
  • Walden PTO: 
  • VCMS PTA: Alisha Nolan
  • VCHS PTSA: Linda Gibbons
  • ALC: 

PTA/PTO Presidents

  • Berea PTO: Tabitha Bliss/Renee DeZemo
  • EC PTA: Josephine Pace Brown
  • Montgomery PTA: Katie De Noyelles
  • Walden PTO: Jennifer Burke
  • VCMS PTA: Tara LaPierre
  • VCHS PTSA: Courtney Stafford

Honorary Life Members

    • 1996:  Susan Smith
    • 1997:  Beverly Ouderkirk
    • 1998: Arthur Nugent
    • 1999: Fred Flood
    • 2000: Gary and Betsy Ott
    • 2001: Alice Morilla
    • 2002: Kathy Lewis
    • 2003: Bill Michella
    • 2004: Peter Roden
    • 2005: Robert Santo
    • 2006: John Hunter
    • 2007: Susan Rossi
    • 2008: Kevin McFadden
    • 2009: Douglas Coberly
    • 2010: Jeanne Marie Flanagan
    • 2011: Chris Ann Harper-O’Connor
    • 2012: Elaine Shultz
    • 2013: Lynn Adler
    • 2014: Dawn Moore
    • 2015: Amy McKenna, Erin Sherry
    • 2016: Jennifer and Joe Kinsley
    • 2017: Wanda Heaney, Tim Hinspeter, Stephen Kelly, Kathy Lennon
    • 2018: Vivian Durso, Artie DeRonda
    • 2019: Mel, Carolyn, Sonia and Jada Wesenberg
    • 2020: Randi Carroll and Jennifer Bissinger
    • 2021: The Cascarino Family