Attendance Exhibit

All students must attend school daily and arrive on time. 
ALL absences, lateness, or early departures (excused or unexcused) are counted on a student’s attendance record.

If a high school student exceeds 18 absences for a full- year course or 9 absences for a half-year course AND does not makeup assignments, he/she will not receive credit for that course.

If your child is going to be absent, late or leave early during a school day, you should notify the school in writing beforehand or contact the school at 845-457-2400. 

When your child returns to school, you must provide a written explanation for his/her absence, lateness or early departure. 

Reasonable makeup opportunities will be given to students with absences due to:

  • Personal illness;
  • Illness or death in the family;
  • Impassable roads or weather;
  • Military obligations;
  • Religious obligations;
  • Quarantine;
  • Required Court appearances;
  • Attendance at health clinics;
  • Approved college visits;
  • Approved cooperative work programs;
  • Such other reasons as may have been approved by the Commissioner of Education.

When your child is absent, late or leaves early from school without an excuse, and it results in a written disciplinary referral, you will receive a copy of the written disciplinary referral. If you have any questions about this policy, contact the school at 845-457-2400.

Successful implementation of any attendance policy requires cooperation among all members of the educational community including parents, students, teachers, administration and support staff.

Students’ Responsibilities

  • Students must attend school daily and arrive on time.
  • Students must attend all classes.
  • Students who are absent must make arrangements to make up missed instruction within 5 days of returning to school.

Parents’/ Guardians’ Responsibilities

  • Contact school at 845-457-2400 or notify the school in writing beforehand if your child is absent, late or must leave early.
  • Provide a written explanation of your child’s absence, lateness or early departure.
  • Make every effort to ensure that your child attends school the maximum number of days possible.

 Teacher’s Responsibilities

  • Provide make-up assignments when requested by a student
  • Notify parent/guardian of attendance problems. At the secondary level, comments on progress reports and on report cards will indicate student attendance.
  • Forward to Administration any required paperwork or notice indicating student absences.

Administration’s Responsibilities

  • During September Orientation meetings, administrators will explain the attendance policy to all students.
  • When a student cuts class or is otherwise absent without excuse, this action may result in a written disciplinary referral.
  • Notify the student and parent/guardian with a copy of the disciplinary referral from the teacher of the course.
  • Hold at least one meeting to explain the attendance policy to the school.

Guidance Counselor’s Responsibilities

  • Counsel students individually when they receive a notification of excessive absences in any subject area. One meeting with the counselor will be sufficient for all subject areas.
  • Meet with the students to discuss options upon denial of course credit.