VCMS Announcements


“All the World’s A Stage”

On November 16th, the VCMS Musical Revue club performed “All the World’s a Stage”, an original show that blended elements of Shakespeare and the songs of Taylor Swift.

The students all worked together to develop ideas for the script, staging and choreography based on the theme “a play within a play”. It was a fantastic process that culminated in an exciting show, and Mr. Gonzales is very proud of their creativity, thoughtfulness, and enthusiastic support of each other.

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Congratulations, Rockin’ Readers! 

This year VCMS started the Rockin’ Readers Program, an independent reading program where students earn rewards for the number of books they read. In our first quarter, we had 51 participants who read over 86 books! And of those 51 participants, 13 earned the highest prize – ice cream! 

Congratulations to Sileena Sims, Summer Jamieson, Nadia Kuen, Benson Walsh, Angelo Ticker, Abigail Hoover, Ashlyn McPhillips, Jocelyn Braun, Payton Ellison, Molly Trafton, Dakota Kessler, Lily Killiea, Luis Cajamarca, Naomi Glover, Hazel Schultz, Audrey Maher, Lily Horton, Joseph Talboty

Any student who would like to join the program should talk to their ELA teacher!


October Students of the Month

The Middle School nominates a student who fits the theme of the month. The month of October theme was “Harvesting Your Best Self”. The following students have harvested good work ethics, healthy friendships, helpful hands, and good habits. 
Scarlett Dominguez                             Jayden Charon
Katalina Scaffidi-Fonti                         Bianca Baringer
Jacklyn Grafer                                          Elly Herrera
Jaden Fifield                                              Nicole Weddell
Lucien Quick                                             Kaitlin Harkins
Mullyn McAnney                                     Mia D’Amico Perez
Jacob Fifield
Ryane Fletcher-Fanizzi
Jackson Cerdas
Abigail Georgi
Savannah George
Cadence Petro
Ava Kiszka
Malmi Rajapaksha Arachchige

Parent Teacher Conferences

Our upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on the evening of Monday, November 20th from 6:00pm to 8:30 pm and Tuesday, November 21st from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Monday evening families will be able to schedule an IN PERSON conference from 6:00pm to 7:20pm and VIRTUAL from 7:30pm to 8:30pm.  Tuesday’s conferences will be IN PERSON from 8:00am to 11:20am and VIRTUAL from 11:30am to 4:00pm. Lunch for staff will be from 12:00 to 12:45pm.

In an effort to streamline the process and make it most convenient for parents and guardians, we will be using an online scheduling program called “Pick-A-Time,” which will enable you to schedule your own appointment using a home computer or other electronic device. Attached to this letter you will find steps necessary to schedule your conferences. Once scheduled, you will be able to print a full schedule of what you have chosen. Access to this website will be available starting Monday, October 30th through Thursday, November 16th. Information is available on the Middle School home page and will be posted on your child’s Google Classroom and on Valley Central social media.

**When parents schedule their appointment with the team, they will automatically be scheduled with their child’s core team teachers covering Math, Science, English, and Social Studies teachers. Some exceptions may apply, but parents will be able to see these from the scheduling screen.   If a student is a part of a collaborative class, the special education teacher will be included in these team meetings also. All other teachers can be scheduled individually. Special area classes are scheduled with the individual teacher.

If you schedule virtual conferences, it is advised that you email yourself your schedule from the Pick-A-Time scheduling screen.  This will provide an email containing all your Google Meet live links to your appointments.  On the date and time of your appointments, please join each Google Meets through this email. During these times you will be provided with an opportunity for a private conference with your child’s teacher(s). Each parent-teacher conference is limited to ten minutes.

Please note Pick-A-Time will only allow you to schedule one appointment per teacher per student and one team per student. For students who have collaborative teachers, the program will schedule both teachers at the same time. If you need to cancel or change appointments, you must do it in Pick-A-Time and give at least 24 hours notice. 

We believe that direct and personal communication with your child’s teachers is vital to their success.  We encourage you to participate in these parent-teacher conferences. If for some reason you cannot attend, please be reminded that you are welcome to call the Middle School throughout the school year to meet or speak with any staff member.

If you have any questions or problems with scheduling, such as multiple children, co-parenting or technology concerns, please contact Amanda Collins at 

September Students of the Month

Each month at the Middle School we ask our grade-level teams and departments to nominate a student who fits with the theme of the month. The month of September is all about students who are falling back into good habits.
Congratulations to the students who were recognized this month: 
Brianna Monroe
Jonas Danzer
Jenesis Viruet
Gabriella Aube
Elijah Glover
Anthony Huber
Michael Messing
Noah Bilyou
Jack Froelich
Maleigha Denslow
Lila Bobadilla
Micah Fraser
Brooklyn Holloway
Dixon Nop
Genevieve Maher
Antonio Schiavo
Phoebe Eagan