VCMS Fall Student Recognition Night

VCMS students were recognized at a reception with their families for being a number of attributes on Wednesday, November 29th.  

This VCMS Student Recognition Award is a special award given twice a year in the fall and spring to students.  These students were recognized by individual staff members for a number of attributes which included being model students, trying their best to do a good job, changing their attitude, improving in a class, doing something great, or even just lighting the room up for others. Special attention was given to those students who demonstrate the attributes of perseverance, kindness, and compassion for others.

Each student who was nominated received a personalized certificate and lots of positive attention!

The fall recipients of the VCMS Student Recognition Award were: 

Aiden Bagrosky, Brenna Benson, Xayden Brea, Marcos Briones, Mackenzie Brown, Ilva Cenailia, Honor Cody, Sara Colella, Andrew Cook, Paige Cotthaus, Amelia Deckaj, Ella Deckaj, Charles Del Pilar, Maliegha Denslow, Lena DeZemo, Arianna Dominguez, Emma Donovan, John-Emmanuel Dowding, Sophie Ebneter, Jamison Erickson, Tristyn Everett, Caleb Fedor, Seth Filfield, Jacob Filfield, Ryane Fletcher-Fanizzi, Magnificent Foat, Cesar Garay-Silva, Cameron Gayton, Ian Gentles, Aryanna Gonzalez, Branden Gonzalez, Ailey Hank, Marie Helstrom, Shanel Hernandez-Avila, Tyler Hoffman, Juliana Jacobs, Summer Jamieson, Jackson Jennings, Logan Johnson, Ryan Johnson, Angelina Korfeld, Cali LaRosa, Isaiah Maisonet, Isabella Maldonado, Zoe Mann, Brayden Marra, Jayden Mauro, Mullyn McAnney, Geovanny Mechan Bermeo, Caleb Metaxotos, Shaniah Mitchell, Connor Nowinski, Londyn Nugent, Matthew Orphal, Vannlycia Perez, Mason Pope, Destiny Rachitoff, Jayden Rampersad, Aiden Restivo, Nylah Reynoso, Milani Richardson, Myles Roberts, Megan Roberts, JaSiyah Robinson, Skyla Roman, Emil Rubel, Giovanni Segreto, Ashley Sepulveda, Sophia Smith, Emelia Stevenson, Elijah Strother, Bryce Taylor, Chloe Urena, Lyahm Varga, Alan Vasquez, Justin Ventura, Kaylieb Wallace Fore-Heron, Seth Willis