Curriculum and Instruction

Mission/Charge of the Committee

The purpose of the Valley Central Curriculum Council is to ensure the coordination of a cohesive K-12 Valley Central Curriculum. The Curriculum Council is an advisory committee to the Superintendent. The primary goal of this committee is the ongoing improvement of the Valley Central School District’s educational program. Through the sharing of information and discussion about educational programs, at all levels K-12, the Council seeks to:

  • Increase student achievement: Be ranked in the top 5 school districts in Orange County on all key educational measures K-12.

Areas of Responsibility

  • The Council will listen to and discuss information regarding new and existing curriculum programs.
  • The Council will be informed of the progress of all curriculum-based committees/curriculum writing.
  • The Council will provide feedback to the Superintendent on all curriculum programs; newly proposed and existing.
  • The Council will ensure that all new proposals and modifications to existing programs are in line with the District’s Five Year Plan.
  • The Council will assist in the communication of all K-12 curriculum projects to all stakeholders.
  • The Council will listen to and discuss professional development opportunities to address the improvement of instruction in all subject areas.

Committee Organization

The Curriculum Council is facilitated by the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.  One administrator from each school, and the directors are part of the committee.  There are two teachers from each level, including general, special area and special education teachers.  There are a minimum of three PTA/PTO parents representing the three education levels.  One BOE member is also a member of the committee. 

All members of this committee are encouraged to speak and to offer recommendations, opinions, and information to the committee at large. Every voice and vote has equal weight on the committee.

Representatives are expected to convey to the committee at large the opinions and concerns of their respective constituents on topics under discussion, and/or to put forward concerns to the committee that have not been placed on the agenda for discussion.

Representatives are expected to report back to their respective constituencies the business of the committee in a reasonable time frame so that their constituencies can respond to the committee, via their representatives, any questions or concerns pertaining to the business of the committee.