FAQ’s About VC’s Free Meals for Students


How do I enroll my child in the free meals program? 

No enrollment needed. All children are free from the age of 2 -18, for both breakfast and lunch.

My child is hybrid, how does the program work when they are in school? 

Elementary school teachers will still take your child’s order and the kitchen will prepare their meals.The meals will still be delivered to the classrooms for lunch.  Breakfast will be handed out to children at the point of entrance to their buildings. (Children do not have to take breakfast if they do not want it.)

HS breakfast will be handed out to children at the point of entrance to their buildings. They go through serving lines for lunch.

MS will still be going through the serving lines for both meals. 

Can I get meals on the days my child is remote learning?

Yes, however the meals have to be ordered online.  Links for ordering online on each school’s webpage and on the MENUS page here.

The time to order is before 9:30 am each day and picked up at the school the order was placed.  Curbside pick up is from 11:00 am until 12:30 pm.

If my child is 100% online, is he/she excluded from the free meals?

No exclusions, all VC children eat free.

How do I get meals the days my child is learning at home?

You have to pick up your child/children’s meals at the school the order was placed (online).  Meal pick up is from 11:00 am until 12:30 pm, Monday – Friday.

 If I have children in different levels, do I have to go to each child’s school to pick up meals?

Whatever school you order your children’s meals from, that is the school you will pick up meals from. Make sure you check the menu before ordering your meals.

Are meals available on days off or on weekends?

No meals will be available on weekends or on scheduled school closings.

I have pre-school children at home, can I get meals for them also?

Yes, any child from the age of 2 -18 qualifies for free meals from VC.  These orders need to be ordered for curbside pick up.


For more information, please contact School Lunch Manager, Eleanore Mills by phone at (845) 457-2400 ext. 16896 or email her  at eleanore.mills@vcsdny.org.