Student Programs and Services

Parking Permit

Student Parking is available at the High School by permit only.  Permits are a Senior privilege. A copy of driver’s license and parent permission is necessary.  

Student Parking Application – 2023-2024 
Applications accepted starting 7/31/2023

Please review all the Student Parking information in the HS Handbook.

Locker Information

Students are assigned lockers on the first day of school. It is required that students have a school-approved lock on their hallway lockers. A school-approved lock is one that has been purchased from the Middle School store or the High School store/ main office. These locks are currently sold for $6 (at cost).
The reason for this is safety; these locks are specifically ordered from Master Lock and have a keyhole in the back so that in an emergency the special key can be used by Administration or emergency personnel to access the locker. The keys are not included with the locks as they are given to us through the company based upon the lock code.
Students are continuously informed of this procedure throughout the first weeks of school. The information is also contained in the Student Handbook.
If students fail to place the approved school lock on the locker, locks will be removed and contents of the locker safeguarded for the student.
Students are not allowed to share lockers or place their belongings in any locker other than their own. If students disregard this procedure, those lockers will be opened with a master key or with a bolt cutter with or without notice. Items will be bagged, labeled and placed in the main office for retrieval.

Parent Portal Procedures

After logging into your parent portal account, click on the purple button next to your child’s name. Click on the grades tab. This tab gives the parent a viewing of a student’s unweighted grades. If you move over to the left of the screen and click on the printer icon, this will pull up the report card – the report card includes the weighted grades if your child participates in any advanced, college or AP courses. You can print the report card from here. 

Balancing school and work can be difficult. The NYS Department of Labor provides information on working papers, safety and health on the job, and filling out job applications and resumes while giving you the time to focus on your studies

Working Papers 

Applications for Working Papers are available from the VCHS Main Office, When filling out your Working Papers, please follow these Instructions:
Part I

  • Part I must be signed by a Parent or Guardian
  • Be sure to have a Parent or Guardian sign Part I
    Part II
  • If you are not attending school bring in Evidence of Age.
    Part III
  • The Physical Fitness Certification MUST be signed.
  • If you have a recent physical on file with the school nurse she will sign the form OR your doctor can sign the form.
  • Your last physical must be within one year of the date of this application.
  • This certificate is not required for Newspaper Carrier permits if the applicant is qualified to participate in the school’s physical education program.
    Part IV
  •  Only students who are 16, not attending school full time, and are applying for full time employment, Pledge of Employment must be completed.

Application for Employment Certification

Physical Fitness Form for Employment Certification

Return Forms to High School Main Office
For questions regarding application contact, 

Jennifer Guidry
845-457-2400 x17521
Patricia Smith
845-457-2400 x17525

All Night Graduation

All Night Graduation It is a fun-filled evening for seniors to celebrate graduation.  Only Valley Central graduating seniors may attend. No guests are permitted

Students may leave early ONLY AFTER PARENTS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED.  After leaving, students are not allowed to return. Parents noted on permission slips are called for any student who signs up but does not come by midnight. Students are supervised at all times by parent volunteers, police officers and EMTs.

The event is hosted by the parents of the Senior Class with support from School District. Many businesses and organizations in and around the Town of Montgomery provide financial support and services to make this a wonderful evening.

Why Attend the All Night Grad Party? 

  • Because it is an amazing evening of FUN! Students will share one last memorable event with friends and classmates.  Why wouldn’t they want to attend?
  • The evening includes endless food, live bands throughout the evening, a gym full of over-sized inflatables, games, DJ and much more.
  • Amazing prizes are randomly awarded all through the night, which in the past have included flat panel TVs, FitBit watches, tablets, Beats headphones, gift cards and so much more!
  • Because it is a SAFE place to celebrate. No drugs, no alcohol, no driving under the influence, no peer pressure to do something reckless, no getting into trouble.