Advanced Placement

What is APP?

The intent of the NYSED Athletic Placement Process (APP) is to provide a protocol for those districts that choose to allow students in grades 7 and 8 to move up; or for students in grades 9-12 to move down, allowing them to participate safely at an appropriate level of competition based upon physical and emotional readiness and athletic ability rather than age and grade alone.

Students do not mature at the same rate, and there can be tremendous developmental differences between students of the same age. The APP is not to be used to fill positions on teams, provide additional experience, provide an opportunity for middle school or junior high students when no modified program is offered, or to reward a student. Instead, it is aimed at the few, select students who can benefit from such placement because of their level of readiness.

NYSED Athletic Placement Process Last Updated July 2016

Step 1

Coaches Skill Evaluation. – You must complete this in time BEFORE any student begins the process and early enough for the School Medical Director to do the Medical Assessment

The number of students who are allowed to compete outside of their grade levels should be few and far between. The program is intended only for the athlete who has the physical maturity, physical fitness, and sport skills to be placed with other athletes outside of his/her grade level. Abuses in the program by decision-makers who seek to satisfy the needs of the team, rather than considering the well-being of the student cannot be condoned. There are many potential physical and social/emotional pitfalls that must be avoided, and once a student is elevated, the decision is irreversible. Please keep in mind that, until you are notified by the director of physical education’s office that the student has successfully completed the entire Interscholastic Athletic Placement Process, that student may not attend any practices.

If you are familiar with the candidate, please write an evaluation of his/her skill level on the back of this sheet. Supporting information would be helpful in determining proper placement, so be specific. If you are not familiar with the candidate, you may wish to contact his/her former coaches for further assessment and/or schedule a time to observe the student in a physical education class.

Step 2

Parent/Guardian Permission: All students who are to be evaluated must first obtain written parent/guardian permission before any evaluation may begin

Step 3

Administrator Approval The athletic administrator should confirm that the student is suitable for consideration, which includes the likelihood that the student would play in at least 50% of the games. Additionally, because of the increased time demands of participation at the high school level, the student’s academic performance (as determined at the local level) should be at or above grade level. Furthermore, the administration should assess the student’s emotional readiness to socialize with high school-aged students. If the student is not academically or socially ready, the student should not proceed through the APP.

Step 4

Medical Clearance Must be completed BEFORE the physical fitness portion of the process The student is assessed* by the medical director to determine whether if he/she has reached a stage of physical development that will lessen the likelihood of the student being injured by participating in the level and sport desired. If a student has attained an appropriate level of physical maturity and has a height and weight that are comparable to those of the proposed team members as determined by the medical director, the medical director approves the student to proceed to the next step in the process. If the student is not approved by the medical director to proceed with the process stops.

Step 5

Physical Fitness Testing This must be done by a certified physical education teacher who is not a coach of the sport for which the student will be trying out.

Step 6

Qualification Determination The results of the three evaluations will be sent to the director of physical education/athletics. Only students who pass all parts of the APP are permitted to try out. They must still make the team. The tryout may last no more than 3 days. If the student does not make the team they may participate on the modified level only if they do not spend more than 3 days at the HS level.

After the tryout period, the Athletic Administrator must send a notification to the Board of Education and Section IX.

A student who has undergone the APP does not need the procedure repeated if he/she achieved the required scores for fitness, maturity, and comparable physical size for the desired sport and level, regardless of the school year in which the testing was completed.

If a student has undergone the APP evaluation procedure and participated in the 7th grade, the process would not have to be repeated in the 8th grade provided they remain at the same level of athletic competition in the same sport. If the student changes levels or sports, the student’s scores should be reviewed to see if they meet the requirements for the desired level and sport. APP evaluation procedures must be repeated only if the scores do not meet the requirements for the desired level and sport.