Capital Project 2023

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The 2022 Building Condition Survey identified over $150 Million in needed attention around our district.  It is the goal of the district to prioritize the work and address it through a series of capital projects and to keep the impact as small as possible by utilizing Capital Reserve funds and debt expiration dates.

Valley Central School District proposed a $46,595,000 capital project in two propositions that will align school facilities with the district’s mission and long-term goals for voters to decide on May 16, 2023.   

Improvements were identified and prioritized using the 2022 state-mandated Building Condition Survey to address health and safety, school security, aging infrastructure, and educational programming needs. 

Valley Central’s financial advisors estimate that the District will receive 75.8% in State Aid back on the cost of both propositions.  In addition, the District will apply $9,750,000 from the 2019 Capital Reserve Fund and $3,945,000 of fund balance to lessen the cost to taxpayers. 



Proposition 2

Fast Facts: 

Will not exceed $31,980,000
Expected State Aid: 75.8%
Capital Reserve Fund: $9,750,000
Fund Balance: $935,000

Proposition 2 is estimated to have NO TAX IMPACT.  

Vote Passed 919 yes (71.4%)/368 no (28.6%)

It will provide new secured vestibules in our school buildings and provide upgrades to building infrastructure throughout the District. 

Safety and Security

• New security vestibules district-wide
• Replace select fire alarm systems

The safety of our students is a top priority for Valley
Central. To enhance building security, Proposition 2 will create
security vestibules at all schools. This will provide a double set of
doors with an enclosed greeter window within the vestibule for
personnel to check visitor credentials before allowing entry.

Guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security
recommend that all K-12 schools have a security vestibule. Not all
main entrances at our buildings have enclosed security vestibules
with an adjacent greeter window for security officers to properly
screen visitors before entering the building.


• Renovate select toilet rooms
• Install emergency lighting in select areas
• Improve building signage and wayfinding
• Replace high school tennis courts
• Remove stepped flooring in 8th-grade classrooms
• Upgrade toilet rooms for ADA compliance
• Repair sidewalks
• Replace 1968 electrical panels
• Stabilize the retaining wall at Walden Elementary School
• Relocate 4th-grade classrooms at Walden Elementary

To address aging infrastructure at schools reaching 50 to 100
years old, this project will replace sidewalks, exterior doors,
windows, and fire alarm systems that are nearing or beyond their
useful life. Bathroom upgrades at East Coldenham Elementary
School will improve accessibility and enhance ADA compliance.

This project will replace the tennis courts at Valley Central High
School as two of the six courts are shut down due to cracking and
deterioration of the court surface. This replacement will provide a
safe, level playing surface for athletes, physical education classes,
and community use.

Boilers and HVAC

Replace boilers
• Replace unit ventilators
• Replace pneumatic with digital controls
• Replace chillers
• Install air conditioning in select areas
• Replace select air handling units
• Replace radiators, piping, and ductwork at East
Coldenham Elementary School

The boilers within several school buildings are beyond their
useful life and require a complete replacement. New unit
ventilators with digital controls rather than pneumatic controls
will provide a more comfortable learning environment and
improve the indoor air quality of our schools.

Building Envelope

• Repair exterior walls, columns, and masonry
• Replace select windows
• Replace exterior doors
• Upgrade exterior stairs for improved life safety

Proposition 3

Fast Facts

Proposition 3 can only pass if Proposition 2 passes
Will not exceed $14,615,000

Expected State Aid: 75.8%
Fund Balance: $3,010,000
The impact of Proposition 3 on a taxpayer with a full-value home of $400,000 is estimated to be about $2 per month.

Vote Passed 871 yes (67.8%)/414 no (22.2%)

Educational Programming

• Renovate second-floor high school science classrooms
• Renovate middle school technology classrooms

The high school science classrooms have not been updated since the early 1990s and have experienced a lot of use and wear since then. Proposition 3 will renovate second-floor science classrooms with new finishes, casework, and flexible lab furniture to support all sciences taught at Valley Central.

The middle school technology classrooms are also outdated and have not been updated since the early 1990s. These classrooms will be renovated to better reflect the rapid changes in technology, align with New York State Technology Standards, and provide flexible spaces that support 21st-century learning.

Safety and Security

• Relocate main office at Berea Elementary School
• Relocate kindergarten classrooms to current

To enhance security at Berea Elementary School, Proposition 3 will move the current first-floor Kindergarten classrooms and relocate the main office to the entrance of the school.
This will allow visitors to move directly into the main office from the security vestibule and move classroom space away from the main entrance.

Proposition 4: Establish a new Capital Reserve Fund (2023)

Establish the VCSD Capital Reserve Fund 2023 with a cap of $15 Million to expire in ten years.

Vote Passed 878 yes (68.7%)/401 no (31.3%)

The 2019 Capital Reserve Fund was established with a limit of $10 Million which is being expended for Capital Project- Proposition #2 to cover the local share of the project. Since it would be expended, the district would need a new Capital Reserve Fund to continue to save funds for future Capital Projects. 

Completed Building Projects – Capital Project 2021

New High School Parking Lot with Enhanced Lighting 2022
Auditorium Lighting Project 2022
Natatorium Ventilation 2023
Outdoor Restroom Facilities 2023

What are we still working on? 

Bus and Traffic Lanes at HS/MS Complex
Right Turn Only Lane from the far end of HS Parking Lot
Walden Soffit and Roof Repair
Stadium Scoreboard Installation (Capital Transfer 2022)

Find more information about all of our buildings here.