School Tax Information

Tax rates for each municipality within the district are set each August. They are based on the tax levy for the year and final municipal assessments for each of the towns. Tax rates vary between towns because property in each is assessed at different levels in relation to full market value. The state assigns each town an equalization rate to fairly divide the tax levy between the towns. The district does not control any part of the assessment or equalization process.

  • Town of Crawford:  $58.87 per $1000 assessed
  • Town of Hamptonburgh:  $22.07 per $1000 assessed
  • Town of Montgomery:  $36.19 per $1000 assessed
  • Town of Newburgh:  $68.55 per $1000 assessed
  • Town of New Windsor: $142.60 per $1000 assessed
  • Town of Wallkill : $111.77 per $1000 assessed
  • Town of Shawangunk:  $113.79 per $1000 assessed

Valley Central School District tax payment information and receipts for the Towns of Montgomery, Crawford, Hamptonburgh, New Windsor and Wallkill may be viewed or printed by logging on to the website shown below. Use the drop-down and choose the appropriate topic. You may then further sort by name, address, bill number, etc. WWW.EGOV.BASNY.COM/MONTGOMERY.

New York State STAR Program

The School Tax Assessment Relief (STAR) program provides eligible homeowners in New York State with relief on their property taxes.

If you’re a STAR recipient, you receive the benefit in one of two ways:

  • The STAR credit program (open to any eligible homeowner whose income is $500,000 or less)—you receive a check in the mail from the NYS Tax Department to apply to your school taxes
  • The STAR exemption program (now closed to new applicants)—you receive a direct reduction on your school tax bill in the form of a property tax exemption

In 2019 the state made these changes to the STAR credit program: the value of the STAR credit may increase by as much as 2 percent each year, but the STAR exemption cannot increase, and the income limit for the Basic STAR exemption is now $250,000.

For more information: The STAR program is not administered by the school district. For more information, call the NYS Tax Department at (518) 457-2047 or visit

Valley Central Exemptions

The Valley Central School District offers a Senior Citizen Tax Exemption, a Veterans’ Tax Exemption, and a Volunteer Firefighter/Ambulance Worker Tax Exemption. For more information about eligibility and applying for these exemptions, please contact the Assessor’s Office in your town.