Valley Central Facilities

The Valley Central School District has eight buildings and a pole building/garage with 560,000 square feet that sit on 396 acres. The high school/middle school complex includes a natatorium with an Olympic-sized swimming pool.  The youngest of these buildings is just over 50 years old and the oldest is just about 100 years old.  

The buildings and grounds of the district are cared for by the members of our custodial and maintenance crew who work diligently to keep them in the best shape possible. 


Berea Elementary

Built  1969
Square Footage: 74,250 sq. ft.
New Wing Added: 2000
Acreage: 58.20 acres
Boiler System: Replaced in 2017
Roof: Replaced on Main Building in 2006

Central Office

Built  1991
Square Footage: 6,190 sq. ft.
Acreage: 58.30 acres
Boiler System: Original System
Roof: Replaced in 2006
What we are watching: Entrance Door Replacement

East Coldenham

Built: 1960
Square Footage: 42,800 sq. ft.
Cafeteria Repaired: 1989
Acreage: 40.50 acres
Boiler System: Original System
Roof: Replaced in 2008

Maybrook (ALC Program) 

Built: 1923
Building Improvements: New Boilers installed in 2016, classroom unit ventilators replaced in 2006
Square Footage: 25,840 sq. ft.
Boiler System: Replaced in 2016
Roof: Replaced in 2006

Montgomery Elementary 

Built: 1932
Building Improvements: Addition in 1968 and 2000
Square Footage: 53,640 sq. ft.
Acreage: 11.78 acres
Boiler System: Installed in 1991
Roof: Main Building Slate Roof is Original, New Wing Roof is Original, 1968 roof replaced in 2008

Valley Central High School

Built: 1960
New Wing Added: 1990
Square Footage: 162, 354 sq. ft.
Acreage: 110 acres
Boiler System: Replaced in 1983
Roof: Replaced in 2008


Built: 1990
New Wing: 
Square Footage: 13,000 sq. ft.
Gallons of Water:  283,000 gallons
Chlorination System:
Roof: Replaced in 2013
What we are watching: Ventilation system install spectator area in 2022
Pool deck ventilation system installed in 2022

Valley Central Middle School

Built: 1968
New Wing:  Cox 2000
Square Footage: 118,654 sq. ft.
Acreage: 110 acres
Boiler System: Replaced in 2009
Roof: Main roof replaced in 2008, New Wing Roof replaced in 2013, cox original

Facilities Pole Building

Built: 1998
Square Footage: 5,673 sq. ft.
Boiler System: Replaced in 2021
Roof: 1998

Walden Elementary School 

Built: 1926
Square Footage: 70,000 sq. ft.
Boiler System: Replaced in 1992
Roof: Replaced in 2008
What we are watching: Roof repair on 1952 wing, retaining wall replacement back lower playground.