Valley Central Budget History

Budget to Budget Increase

This shows the percentage that a budget’s total expenditures increased compared to the previous year’s budget. 

2024-2025: 2.74%
2023-2024: 7.92% (Foundation Aid was fully funded)
2022-2023: 3.92%
2021-2022: 3.48%
2020-2021: 1.50% 

Tax Levy Increase

The tax levy is the revenue source derived from property taxes. The determination of the tax levy limit is calculated according to the NYS Tax Levy law. Learn more about tax levy here. 

2024-2025: 2.99%
2023-2024: 0.92%
2022-2023: 1.76%
2021-2022: 2.86%
2020-2021: 2.86%

State Aid as Percent of Total Budget Revenue

State Aid is the revenue source that is sent to the district by the state. The governor proposes school aid in January, and this is typically the figure the School Business official uses to create a budget. The state aid amount is finalized by the state legislature usually on April 1, when the state budget is passed. The amount passed on April 1  is the amount the district receives.

2024-2025: 42%
2023-2024: 42%
2022-2023: 36%
2021-2022: 36%
2020-2021: 32.90%