Table of Contents

0000 Goals and Objectives
1000 Community Relations
2000 Governance and Operations
3000 Administration
4000 Instruction
5000 Students 
6000 Fiscal Management
7000 Facilities
8000 Support Services 
9000 Personnel and Negotiations


0000 Goals and Objectives

0000- Educational Philosophy
0100- Equal Opportunity
0101- Gender Neutral Single Occupancy Bathrooms
0110.1- Sexual Harassment of Students
0110.1-R- Sexual Harassment of Students Regulation
0110.2 – Sexual Harassment of Employees
0110.2-R-Sexual Harassment of Employees Regulation
0115-Harassment on the Basis of Sexual Orientation
0115-R Harassment on the Basis of Sexual Orientation Regulation
0120-Disability Harassment
0150-HIV/AIDS Policy
0150-E-Persons with HIV Related Illness Exhibit
0200-School District Goals and Objectives
0210-Goals for Instructional Program
0310-Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures
0320-Evaluation of Superintendent
0330-Evaluation of Professional Staff
0340-Evaluation of Support Staff
0350-Evaluation of Instructional Staff

1000 Community Relations

1000- Community Relations Goals
1050- Annual District Election and Budget Vote and Public Hearing on the Budget
1100- Public Information Program
1120- School District Records
1120-R- School District Records Regulation
1120-E-Application for Public Access to Records
1130-News Media Relations
1140-Use of School District Trademarks and Service Marks
1150-School Budget and Bond Referenda Information
1200-Community Involvement
1225-Relationship with Local Education Foundation
1240-Visitors to the School 
1240-R-Visitors to the  School Regulation
1400-Public Complaints
1410-Complaints About Policies
1420-Complaints about Curricula, Library Materials or Other Instructional Materials
1420-R-Complaints about Curricula, Library Materials or Other Instructional Materials Regulation
1420-E- Request for Evaluation of Instructional Materials 
1440-Complaints about School Personnel
1500 Public Use of School Facilities
1500-R -Public Use of School Facilities Regulation
1500-E- Request for Use School Facilities Exhibit
1511-Advertising and Solicitations in the School
1520-Public Conduct on School Property
1520-R -Public Conduct on School Property Regulation
1530-Smoking on School Premises
1740-Lending of Instructional Computer Hardware
1740-R- Lending of Instructional Computer Hardware Regulation
1741-Participation in Extracurricular Activities for Home Schooled Students
1800-Acceptance of Gifts
1810-Gifts to School Personnel
1925-Interpreters for Hearing-Impaired Parents
1926-Valley Central School District Web Accessibility

2000 Governance and Operations

2000- Board Operational Goals
2110- School Board Powers and Duties
2111- Board Member Authority
2120- School Board Elections
2120.1-Candidates and Campaigning
2120.2-Voting Procedures
2121-Board Member Qualifications
2121-Board Member Oath of Office
2130-Board Member Resignation 
2140-Board Member Removal from Office
 2150-Unexpired Term Fulfillment
2160-School Board Officer and Employee Ethics
2160-R-School Board Officer and Employee Ethics Regulation
2161-Defense and Indemnification
2170-Board Member Conflict of Interest
2210-Board Organizational Meeting
2220-Board Officers
2230-Appointed Board Officials
2240-Joint Code of Conduct for School Boards and Superintendents
2250-Board Committees
2260-Advisory Committees to the Board
2270-School Attorney
2320-Special Meetings
2330-Executive Sessions
2342-Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
2350-Board Meeting Procedures
2352-Rules of Order
2370-Public Participation at Board Meetings
2370-R-Public Participation at Board Meetings Regulation
2382-Broadcasting and  Taping of Board Meetings
2410-Formulation, Adoption and Amendment and Implementation of Policies and Regulations
2440-Administration in Policy Absence
2521-School Board Conferences, Conventions, Workshops

3000 Administration

3120- Duties of the Superintendent
3200- Administrative Organization
3230- Organizational Chart
3230-E- Organizational Chart Exhibit
3300-Policy Implementation

4000 Instruction

4000- Instructional Goals
4010- Equivalence in Instructional Staff and Materials
4100- Organization of Instruction
4111- School Year
4112-School Day
4200-Curriculum Development
4220-Pilot Projects
4230-Curriculum Adoption
4240-Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines
4300-Philosophy of Curriculum Development
4311-Citizenship Education
4311.1-Display of the Flag
4311.1-R-Display of the Flag Regulation
4313-Teaching About  Religion
4315.1-AIDS Instruction
4317-Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
4321-Programs for Students with Disabilities Under IDEA and Article 89
4321.1-Provision of Special Education Services-Least Restrictive Environment
4321.2-Pre-School Special Education
4321.2-R-Pre-School Special Education Regulation
4321.3-Independent Educational Evaluations
4321.3-R-Independent Educational Evaluations Regulation
4321.4-Impartial Hearing Officer Selection, Appointment, and Reimbursement
4321.5-Confidentiality and Access to Individualized Education Programs, Individualized Education Services Programs and Service Plans
4321.6-Availability of Alternative Format Instructional Materials for Students with Disabilities
4321.7-School-Wide Pre-Referral Approaches and Interventions
4321.8-Allocation of Space  for Special Education Programs
4321.9-Declassification of Students with Disabilities
4321.10-Special Education Personnel
4321.11 Public Report on Revisions to District Policies, Practices, and Procedures Upon a Finding of Significant Disproportionality
4322-Programs for the Gifted and Talented
4325-Academic Intervention Services/Compensatory Education
4326-Limited English Proficiency Instruction
4326-R-Limited English Proficiency Instruction Regulation
4327-Homebound Instruction
4327-R-Homebound Instruction Regulation
4328-Alternative School Programs
4340-Continuing (Adult) Evening Education Programs
4452-Extra Help With Academic Instruction
4510-Instructional Materials
4511-Textbook Selection and Adoption
4513-Library Materials Selection
4513-R-Library Materials Selection Regulation
4513-E.1 Library Materials Selection Exhibits
4513-E.2 Library Materials Selection Exhibits
4526-Computers and Networked Information Resources
4526-R- Computer and Networked Information Resources Regulation
4526-E.1-Computer and Networked Information Resources  Student User Agreement
4526-E.2-Computer and Networked Information Resources Staff User Agreement
4526.1-Internet Safety Policy
4526.1-R-Internet Safety Regulation
4531-Field Trips and Excursions
4531-R-Field Trips and Excursions Regulation
4531-E-Field Trips and Excursions Exhibit
4710-Grading Systems
4712-Student Progress Reports to Parents 
4714-Parent Conferences
4720-Testing Programs
4720-E-Testing Programs Exhibit
4725-Time Regulations of Regents Examinations
4740-Honor Rolls
4741-Valedictorian and Salutatorian 
4750-Promotion and Retention of Students
4770-Graduation Requirements 
4772-Graduation Ceremonies
4772-R-Graduation Ceremonies Regulation
4773-Diploma and Credential Options for Students with Disabilities
4810-Teaching About Controversial Issues
4850-Animals in the Schools

5000 Students

5020- Equal Educational Opportunities
5020.3- Students with Disabilities Pursuant to Section 504
5100- Attendance
5100-E- Attendance Exhibit
5110-School Attendance Areas
5140-Entrance Age
5151-Homeless Children
5151-R-Homeless Children Regulation
5152- Admission of Non-Resident Students
5152.1-Admission of Foreign Students
5152.1-R-Admission of Foreign Students Regulations
5154.1-Placement Decisions
5155-Withdrawal from School
5162-Student Dismissal Precautions
5181-Open/Closed Campus
5182-Released Time for Religious Instruction
5200-Cocurricular and Extracurricular Programs
5200-R-Cocurricular and Extracurricular Programs Regulation
5210-Student Organizations
5220-Student Publications
5251-Student Fund Raising Activities
5252-Student Activities Funds Management
5280-Interscholastic Athletics
5280-R-Interscholastic Athletics Regulation
5300-Student Conduct
5310-Student Discipline
5310-R-Student Discipline Regulation
5311-Student Rights and Responsibilities
5311.1-Student Due Process Rights
5311.2-Student Government
5311.3-Student Complaints and Grievances
5311.3-R-Student Complaints and Grievances Regulation
5311.4-Care of School Property by Students
5311.5-Student Dress Code
5311.9-Dignity for All Students Act
5312-Prohibited Conduct
5312.1-Drug and Alcohol Abuse
5312.1-R-Drug and Alcohol Abuse Regulation
5312.2-Dangerous Weapons in School
5313.2-In-School Suspension
5313.2-R-In-School Suspension Regulation
5313.3-Student Suspension and Removal
5313.3-R-Student Suspension and Removal Regulation
5314-Corporal Punishment Complaints
5314-R-Corporal Punishment Complaints Regulation
5320-Student Conduct on School Buses
5330-Searches and Interrogations
5330-R-Searches and Interrogations Regulation
5420-Student Health Services
5420-R- Student Health Services Regulation
5450- Student Safety
5450.1-Notification of Sex Offenders
5460-Child Abuse in a Domestic Setting
5460-R- Child Abuse in a Domestic Setting Regulation
5500-Student Records
5500-R-Student Records Regulation
5500-E.1-Student Records Exhibit 1
5500-E.2-Student Records Exhibit 2
5500-E.3-Student Records Exhibit 3
5500-E.4-Student Records Exhibit 4
5500-E.5-Student Records Exhibit 5
5550-Student Privacy
5605-Voter Registration
5695-Student Use of Wireless Communications Devices During the Instructional Day
5710-Violent and Disruptive Incident Reporting
5800-Parent and Family Engagement

6000 Fiscal Management

6000- Philosophy of Fiscal Management
6010- Fiscal Management Operations
6100- Annual Budget
6110- Budget Planning
6110-R-Budget Planning Regulation
6112-Determination of Budget Priorities
6113-Dissemination of Budget Recommendations
6120-Budget Hearing
6130-Budget Adoption
6135-Contingency Budget
6135-E-Ordinary Contingent Expenses
6150-Budget Transfers
6210-Local Tax Levy
6230-Federal Funds
6240-R-Investments Regulation
6245-Fund Balance
6410-Authorized Signature
6500-Bonded Employees and Officers 
6600-Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
6630-Financial Reports and Statements
6645-Fixed Assets/Capitalization
6650-Claims Auditor
6660-Independent/External Audits
6670-Petty Cash/Petty Cash Accounts
6670-R-Petty Cash Accounts Regulation
6680-Internal Audit Function
6690-Audit Committee
6700-R-Purchasing Regulation
6700-E-Purchasing Exhibit
6710-Purchasing Authority
6740-Purchasing Procedures 
6740-R-Purchasing Procedures Regulation
6751-Sales Calls and Demonstrations
6800-Payroll Procedures
6830-Expense Reimbursement
6850-Retiree Benefit Procedures
6900-Disposal of District Property

7000 Facilities

7000- Philosophy of Facilities Development
7100- Facilities Planning
7120- Enrollment Projections
7200- Financing Facilities Development
7310-Educational Specifications
7320-Selection of Architect or Engineer
7331-Plans, Specifications and Cost Estimates
7350-Site Acquisition
7360-Construction Contracts, Bidding and Awards
7365-Construction Safety
7365-E-Construction Safety Exhibit
7500-Recognition and Dedication of School Facilities 
7500-E-Recognition and Dedication of School Facilities Exhibit
7700-Facilities Renovations 
7810-Closing of Facilities

8000 Support Services

8000- Philosophy of Support Service
8100- Safety Programs
8110- School Building Safety
8111- Reporting of Hazards
8111-R-Reporting of Hazards Regulation
8112-Health, Safety and Wellness Committee
8115-Pesticides and Pest Management
8120-Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures
8120-R-Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures Regulation
8121.1-Opioid Overdose Prevention Regulation
8121.1-R-Opioid Overdose Prevention Regulation
8122-Accident Reports
8123.1-Bodily Fluids Policy Infection Control Guidelines
8130-Emergency Plans
8133-Bomb Threats
8134-Emergency Closings
8200-Buildings and Grounds Management
8210-Use of Cameras on School Property
8220-Buildings and Grounds Maintenance and Inspection
8240-Traffic and Parking on School Property
8240-R-Traffic and Parking on School Property Regulation
8330-Authorized use of District-Owned Materials and Equipment
8332-Cellular Telephone Usage
8332-R-Cellular Telephone Usage Regulation
8334-Credit Cards/House Accounts
8410-Student Transportation
8414-School Bus Safety
8414.5-Alcohol and Drug Testing of Bus Drivers
8414.6-Idling Prohibition for Buses and Other School Vehicles 
8500-Food Service Management
8505-Charging School Meals
8520-Free and Reduced Price Food Service
8630-Computer Resources and Data Management
8630-R-Computer Resources and Data Management Regulation
8635-Information and Data Privacy, Security, Breach and Notification
8635-R-Information and Data Privacy, Security, Breach and Notification Regulation
8650-School District Compliance with Copyright Law
8650-R-School District Compliance with Copyright Law Regulation

9000 Personnel and Negotiations

9000- Philosophy of Personnel Policies
9010- Equal Employment Opportunity
9020- Board-Staff Communications
9100- Staff Ethics
9125-Drug-Free Workplace
9125-R-Drug-Free Workplace Regulation
9130-Staff-Student Relations
9135-Suspected Sexual Abuse Involving School Personnel
9135-R-Suspected Sexual Abuse Involving School Personnel Regulation
9170-Meals and Refreshments
9211.2-Incidental Teaching
9230-Professional Staff Recruiting and Hiring
9240-Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
9241-Arrangements for Professional Staff Substitutes
9260-Conditional and Emergency Conditional Employees
9280-Philosophy of Staff Development
9310-Support Staff Positions
9311-Support Staff Qualifications
9411-Board Negotiating Agents
9420-Evaluation of Personnel
9520-Discrimination Complaints
9520-R- Discrimination Complaints Regulation
9530-Smoking by Staff
9550-Termination Agreements
9590-Family and Medical Leave
9590-R-Family and Medical Leave Regulation
9645-Disclosure of Wrongful Conduct